Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Oksana Akinshina


   This Russian hottie continues to show the amazing beauties our Cold War enemy produces.  Oksana is not well-known to American audiences because she primarily stars in Russian cinema.  However, fans of the “Bourne” series will recognize her haunting expression from “The Bourne Supremacy”, where she played the orphaned daughter of a Russian couple that Jason Bourne quietly assassinated several years earlier. 


   American fans of foreign cinema will also recognize her standout performance in Lukas Moodysson’s “Lilya 4-Ever”.  Only 15 at the time the film was released, Oksana captivated audiences as a teenage prostitute in this cinematic condemnation of the human trafficking.


    In her role in “Lilya 4-Ever”, you could see a very noticeable tattoo on her left upper arm.  I do not know if she had this before the movie was shot and she just incorporated it into the role, or if she had a fake one for the role and decided to make it permanent afterwards.  Either way, it is a fascinating tattoo that looks like it could be some kind of descending bird.

   While I am not quite certain what it is, it is good looking body art and here are some other photos of Oksana proudly displaying it.






Here is a great fan site showing more photos of Oksana:  http://beautifulrus.com/oksana-akinshina/

You can follow her on Twitter (if you read Russian) here:  https://twitter.com/OksanaAkinshina


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