Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Colbie Caillat


   In 2007, the radio airwaves were graced by the soft, breezy voice of Colbie Caillat when she released her first single, “Bubbly”, off her debut album “Coco”.  This earthy, hippy beauty struck gold (or, rather, platinum) with that first song, as it reached #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, as well as #1 on the Adult Pop and Adult Comtemporary lists.


   Colbie proved to be more than a one-hit wonder when she released her second single off “Coco”.  That song, “Realize”, managed to score her another Top 20 hit on the Hot 100.  Colbie’s musical appeal comes from the fact that, despite singing songs that about love and romance that cynical music fans may consider too soft, she managed to infuse them with a friendly and fun personality.  This has helped her sustain a fervent fan base (as has the numerous accounts of Colbie being very friendly and approachable to her fans at her concerts)


When you see Colbie, either in person or in pictures, you see that the physical beauty matches the light, fun personality of her songs.  She continued to promote this appealing musical identity with her second album, “Breakthrough”.  This album included another Top 20 song (#12), “Falling For You”, which included a humorous music video where she is on a goofy beach date with a guy who is clearly dating out of his league with her, but she ends up falling for him anyway.  Showing that music is a family business, “Falling For You” was produced by her father, Ken Caillat (as were her other albums).

“Breakthrough” made it all the way to #1 on the Billboard Album charts.  She followed that with a #6 charting album, “All of You”, in 2011 (her debut, “Coco”, reach #5).  “All of You” brought about the release of her next single, the bubbly love ballad “I Do”, and what might be her biggest hit so far, the Caribbean-inspired “Brighter Than the Sun”.

While “Brighter Than the Sun” only reached #47 on the Hot 100, its inclusion in the trailers for the Oscar-nominated film “The Help” shared it with a much wider audience and has led the song to become a mainstay on the ‘Mix’ radio station and Adult Contemporary stations for a few years now.  She also won two Grammy Awards in 2010:  one for Best Pop Collaboration with Jason Mraz for “Lucky” and another as a featured artist on Taylor Swift’s Album of the Year, “Fearless”. [I should note that her father also has one for producing Fleetwood Mac’s seminal album “Rumours”]


One thing you notice in photographs of Colbie is a flowery tattoo on her left forearm.  It started off as a small design (see below)

Colbie_Tat01    However, she has added to it over the years by having work done in three separate places:  Iowa, Paris, and Hawaii.  Now the design looks much bolder and completely adorable



She talks about this tattoo, and the one on her right foot (shown later) in this YouTube interview.  She admits to loving tattoos and wanting more.  Yet, she wants to make sure it is a good one for her because she doesn’t want to have her body cluttered with ink


Her foot tattoo is a blue jay standing upon a coconut.  The coconut represents her nickname, Coco (which clearly was the inspiration for her first album title).  The blue jay represents her producer, Michael Blue, and her best friend, and fellow songwriter, Jason Reeves.

Because Colbie loves to perform barefoot, or in very skimpy sandals, there are ample opportunities to see this wonderfully designed and incredibly cute tattoo.  Below are several photos that show off this fun piece of body art.




You can find out more about Colbie on her official website:  http://colbiecaillat.com/

You can follow her on Twitter at:  http://Twitter.com/ColbieCaillat


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