Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Brittany Snow


   Brittany Snow is a bit of rare bird.  She is part of that unique group of actors who has been performing since childhood and has managed to remain normal and well-grounded.  Brittany had her first acting role in two separate cameo performances in the final season of the primetime, science fiction series “SeaQuest” (known as “SeaQuest 2032” that year).  She was just a wee lass of 8 years at that time. 


   Brittany had a few more small television roles before capping off her pre-teen years by landing her first major acting gig.  In 1998, she began a 3-year run as the second actress to portray Susan “Daisy” Lemay on the daytime soap opera “Guiding Light”. 


   She followed that up by spending her teen years in another star-making role:  as Meg Pryor in the primetime NBC hit “American Dreams”.  This series recalled that trying period when the U.S. had to endure the pains of growing from the innocence of the late 1950s and early 1960s to the more cynical and heartbreaking late 60s, which included political scandal, racial strife, and Vietnam.  Those topics were the backdrop against which the small town setting of “American Dreams” was established.  The character of Meg was a sheltered girl who just dreamed of dancing on “American Bandstand” while coming of age as the country did the same.  (One of the fun aspects of “American Dreams” was its guest appearances by current singers portraying musical stars of the 1960s, such as Usher as Marvin Gaye and Kelly Clarkson as Brenda Lee).


   Once “American Dreams” went off the air in 2005, Brittany began to focus more on her film career.  She first starred in the unfortunate Vin Diesel film, “The Pacifier”, before taking a turn in the fun high school revenge comedy “John Tucker Must Die” (which starred “Dallas”‘ Jesse Metcalfe as the titular ‘John Tucker’). 


   She then did the obligatory young actress horror flick, “Prom Night”, before making another notable performance as the snooty Amber Von Tussle in the 2007 remake of the John Waters classic, “Hairspray”.  (Brittany is really talented at these throwback roles because, while she can easily embrace modern sexiness [as seen the photo above], she is equally capable of embodying the demure, reserved beauty of that earlier era).

    More recently, Brittany hit it big in 2012’s musical comedy “Pitch Perfect”, a film about a college acapella singing group that surely pleased many ‘Gleeks’.  It starred many of the current up and coming crop of talented young actresses, such as Brittany, Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson.


   Now, as much you have enjoyed reading about Brittany’s career, I know you’re really here to see the tattoos that this ‘good girl’ has ;-).

    As of this posting, it appears that Brittany has two tattoos.  The first is this little lady bug design that appears on her right wrist.  There’s nothing complicated about it.  It’s just a sweet, cute image that she had fun with.



   Brittany’s other tattoo is a Sanskrit inscription on the outside of her right ankle that, in Hindi, is pronounced “Abhay” and means ‘brave’


You can find out more about Brittany on her fan site:  http://brittany-snow.org/

You can follow Brittany on Twitter at:  https://twitter.com/Brittanysnow


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