Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Grammy-Winning, New Mother Edition): Adele

(Updated on 02/13/2013 to show her new tattoo seen at the Grammy’s)

   I would say it’s a pretty good bet that I don’t need to spend a lot of time on the introduction to British singer, Adele.  You can’t spend more than 15 minutes on any radio station without one of the songs off her mega-smash, and Grammy Award-hording, album “21” being heard.  As with any artist who falls into the Top-40 radio cycle of over-saturation, there are a number of people who are growing tired of Adele’s music.  ‘New 2 Tats’ does not fall into that category.


   In an era when we are getting innundated with no-talent blank slates who can be propped up by auto-tune and studio ‘magic’ (Justin Bieber and Fergie, to name a few), it’s really refreshing to come across an artist whose raw talent doesn’t just make her a critical darling, but also a popular powerhouse.

 I first became aware of Adele back in 2008, when her record label released, and heavily promoted, her single “Chasing Pavements” from her debut album “19”. The song was just ok. It seemed a bit overproduced for the purposes of being an immediate radio hit. I wasn’t overly impressed with it, other than to notice that Adele seemed to have a pretty good voice. Now, let’s advance a couple of months and witness the re-release of “Hometown Glory” from the same album. While it had actually been released in 2007, it did not make a big impact initially. Following the success of “…Pavements”, the label gave this single another chance and it was amazing. This song knocked me over with the depth and power of Adele’s voice and emotion.


 The success of “19” began to settle down when, in 2011, “Rolling in the Deep” from her sophomore album, “21”, hit the airwaves. Proving that her follow-up album was vastly superior to her strong debut album, the strong “Rolling in the Deep” ended up being the first of three straight Billboard Hot 100 #1 hits for Adele (followed by “Someone Like You” and “Set Fire to the Rain”). All told, Adele finished the year by winning 6 Grammy Awards for “21”. More recently, she further cemented her place in pop culture iconography with her very well-received theme song from the new James Bond film, “Skyfall”.

  Adele capped off a whirlwind 2012 by adding a new accolade to her resume: mother.


    Adele has also been shown to prefer a little bit of body art.  She has two separate tattoo designs, both on her left wrist.  The first of those is a very significant one.  It’s the design of a penny with a heart inside.  It is in honor of her mother, Penny Adkins, with whom she has a very close relationship.  The other tattoo she has is a series of three dots horizontally aligned beneath her ‘penny’ tattoo.  I have not been able to find the meaning of this one, but she did get it with her friend Joy Williams, of the music group “The Civil Wars”.  The photos below show both tattoos, as well as including the all-important pictures of Adele in the process of being inked.





   Just recently, at the Grammy Awards, Adele was seen sporting a brand new tattoo behind her right ear.  It is a script “A”.  This beautiful tattoo is a touching tribute to her newborn son, whose name is confirmed as Angelo.  Many parents choose tattoos as tributes to their children because the put a great deal of thought and care into the design; and these are one of the types of ‘regret-proof’ tattoos because, your blood will always be your blood, no matter what happens.


Adele’s mega-stardom is sure to continue.  As do millions of others, I look forward to the melodious treats her next album will bring.

You can find out more about Adele on her official website:  http://www.adele.tv/

You can follow her on Twitter at:  https://twitter.com/OfficialAdele


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