Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Eden Sher


   Eden Sher is a young, comedic actress who first cut her acting teeth in 2006 in a guest role on the irreverant HBO comedy “Weeds”.  She played the girlfriend of Nancy Botwin’s youngest son, Shane.  The unintended consequences of dating a member of a pot-selling family quickly ended that relationship.


   Following that performance, Eden had a guest appearance in an episode of the final season of the teen soap drama “The O.C.” and was on the short-lived ABC comedy “Sons & Daughters”.

   Currently, Eden has continued her work with ABC in the family comedy “The Middle”, where she plays the role of the opitimistic, but very socially awkward, middle child of the Heck family, Sue Heck.  Also starring “Everybody Loves Raymond” veteran, Patricia Heaton, “The Middle” has been moderately successful and is in the middle of its fourth season.  Eden’s performance has garnered her several nominations for Young Artist and Critics’ Television Choice awards.


   As tattoos are becoming less taboo, and younger people are getting them almost as a right of passage, it should come as no suprise that Eden currently sports two known tattoos of her own.

   Her first, most easily recognizable tattoo, is the Venus symbol (the universally accepted symbol for woman) on the top of her right foot.  It’s a cute, demure, feminine tattoo that works well for her. 



   Eden’s second tattoo is not as well known.  At a recent awards show, Eden wore a pretty red dress with several cutouts in the middle.  These cutouts reveal the presence of a piece of body art along her left rib cage that looks like it might be a feather with some lettering. 


   As Eden becomes more well known, we will, no doubt, see clearer images of this tattoo.  I also suspect that she will be adding more tattoos to her collection over time.  These will likely be as nice as the ones she currently has.

You can follow Eden on Twitter at:  https://twitter.com/edensher


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