Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Sexy Aussie Edition): Natalie Imbruglia


Let’s take a journey aboard the Wayback Machine.  It will take us back to the heady days of early 1998 when an unprecented era of ‘one-hit wonders’ was in full swing.  Running from the summer of 1997 through the dawn of the new millennium, we are graced so many groups and individuals who flashed brightly for a moment and then dropped off the radar.  This list included such luminaries as Mark Morrison, OMC, Semisonic, Next, Chumbawumba, Lou Bega, Shawn Mullins, and Lit.  Those artists all had incredibly popular singles (“Return of the Mack” or “Mambo # 5”, anybody?) that either reached the top of the charts or made a lot of noise for an extended period of time on the radio…. and then dropped off the radar

N_Imbruglia_Pic05     One who could easily be grouped in with that list is Aussie songstress, Natalie Imbruglia.  In the early days of 1998 (on through the summer), you could not be on any ‘top hits’ music station for longer than 30 minutes without hearing the unmistakable intro of her hit “Torn”.


Natalie is an interesting case study for this list because “Torn”, which is a cover of a song by L.A. alt-rock group Ednaswap, did not actually hit very high on the charts in the U.S. (reaching only #42 on the Hot 100).  However, the enormous worldwide popularity of Imbruglia’s cover (it cracked the Top 5, including #1 twice, in 10 other countries with a reputable music presence) ensured that American audiences would hear it often.  However, Natalie did not strike gold again, despite several modestly successful albums.


Before Natalie became a household name in the States with “Torn”, she had already established herself on the uber-popular Australian soap opera, “Neighbours”.  Starring on “Neighbours” is basically a rite of passage for any Australian celebrity, as Delta Goodrem, Alan Dale, and Kylie Minogue all spent time on that show.  The attention brought by her performance on “Neighbours” got her a record deal, which lead the her debut album “Left of the Middle” and, of course, its hit, “Torn”.


After the success of “Torn” faded, Natalie continued to record albums such as “White Lillies Island” and “Come to Life”.  She also starred alongside Rowan Atkinson (aka “Mr. Bean”) in the spy spoof, “Johnny English”.  Musical talent does run in the family as her younger sister, Laura Imbruglia, is building an indie rock career of her own.


One thing noticed very early on in her career, was Natalie’s love of body art.  From all the way back in her “Left of the Middle” days, she was frequently photographed where the design of the Chinese word for ‘courage’ was visible on top of her left foot (see above).  Whenever Natalie has worn a backless dress, her lower back showed a pretty sanskrit ‘Ohm” symbol


Finally, a petite design is visible whenver Natalie puts her hair up or goes with a pixie haircut.  This design is also a sanskrit that reads ‘shreya’, which is a Hindi word meaning ‘lucky’ or auspicious.


If you want to learn more about the woman who was determined to be the 6th most naturally beautiful, according to a 2004 survey of beauty experts, you can visit her official website:  http://www.natalieimbruglia.com/

You can also follow her on Twitter at:  https://twitter.com/natimbruglia


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