Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Jessie James


When you think of the phrases ‘Jessie James’ and ‘tattoos’, your first thought usually goes to the former husband of Sandra Bullock who humiliated her by cheating on her with the unpalatable ‘Bombshell’ McGee (and then later dated Kat Von D before exhausting the “LA Ink” star’s patience).


   Fortunately, the tattooed Jessie James in this feature is the very comely aspiring country singing star.  The Italian-born James, who is a Southern girl at heart, first got on music audience’s radar with her minor 2009 hit “Wanted”.  “Wanted” reached #40 of the Billboard Hot 100 and featured a music video where Jessie was, in the words of Jim Carrey, S-s-s-s-mokin!

JJames_Pic03    James has also had some other appealing songs like “I Look So Good (Without You)”.  She has sought inspiration for her country dreams from the likes of Shania Twain, Shelby Lynne, and Bobby Gentry.  Jessie is also a football fan who has recently become engaged to Denver Broncos wide receiver, Eric Decker.


And, unlike that tool who shares her name, Jessie is not covered in a mess of ink.  Instead, she has few well placed, feminine tattoos that help accentuate her sexiness.  I have been able to locate photos of three of her tattoos (though I suspect she has more).  The first is very noticeable in her music video for “I Look So Good (Without You)”.  It is her birth sign, Aries, on the back of her neck.


The second appears on her left wrist, and is the scripted letters “J J”, which presumably stand for ‘Jessie James’.


JJames_Tat02   The last one I was able to find photos for was on her right wrist.  It looks like it could be feather or even a planet.  If I find a more definitive photo, I will update this post.


   You can find out more about Jessie and follow her singing career on her official website:  http://thisisjessiejames.tumblr.com/

And, you can check her out in the Twitterverse at:  https://twitter.com/TheJessicaJames


2 thoughts on “Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Jessie James

  1. I think it’s like a bee or something! She had a picture on her Instagram and it shows what looks like a wing to me!

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