Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Sexy French Pop Star Edition): Alizee


   The French have always been good about giving incredibly attractive actresses and singers to the rest of the world.  Alizee Jacotey (who just goes by her first name, Alizee) is a stellar example of that.


Discovered in 1999 by the French talent show “Graines de Star”, Alizee released her debut album, “Gourmandises”, in 2000.  A skilled dancer as well as a singer, she incorporated sexy jazz and flamenco routines into her performances.  In fact, her preference is to dance.


     Alizee has been tremendously successful, winning several French and World Music Awards.  Even though she was marketed as a young, manufactured Lolita-like temptress when she debuted, Alizee struck a chord with critics who recognized her real talent underneath the artificial imagery.


     Over time, her musical stylings have matured to include classy sounds, orchestral arrangements and strong vocals.  This continues to make her extremely popular in Europe.  She made a brief splash among U.S audiences in 2008 when videos of her sexy (and vocally impressive) live performance of Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita” made the rounds on YouTube.  You can see that performance here:

Alizee married in 2003 and had a daughter named Annily in 2005.  This proud mother has continued make waves as a strong performer.

Alizee_Pic05    One interesting aspect of the evolution of Alizee’s musical and public image over the years has been her move towards edgier styles and her complete embrace of body art.  For many years, Alizee only had an small design of what appears to be a gecko on her right ankle.


More recently, though, she has gone all out with tattoos.  She has gotten tattoos on her wrists, her back, and numerous ones on her arms.


    A few things jump out at you when you see Alizee’s tattoos.  The first is that she clearly has a love of animated characters, as witnessed by images of Snow White, Tinkerbell, and a Sailor Moon girl on her arms.  What is also noticeable is that Alizee did not approach getting body art lightly.


Unlike many people who get numerous tattoos in such a short period of time, she didn’t get them just to get them.  She had a plan and put a lot of thought into the ink she wanted and the quality of the artists who would put these permanent images on her body.  What results is stunning art work that looks like it was transposed directly from the movie screen on to her body.  Below are several additional pictures showing Alizee’s tattoos, including a simply incredible Tinkerbell design running down her back.



You can find out more about the sexy and talented Alizee on her official English language website:  http://alizeeamerica.com/

And, you can follow her on Twitter at:  https://twitter.com/mellealizee


6 thoughts on “Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Sexy French Pop Star Edition): Alizee

  1. cool tattoos, the designs are not bad ( I am not going to say it is my favourite design though ). Having tattoos on your left wrist is an aesthetic choice 😉

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  3. I think Alizee has become mad….it’s silly to ruin such a delicate youth skin….however I love you both as singer and as a very nice,sexy girl!!!!!!!!!!!

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