Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Cameron Richardson


Cameron Richardson is an actress/model whose distinct, adorably cute face is recognizable in many films and television shows even though she has managed to remain under the radar for most of her career.


This blonde Louisiana beauty got her start in modeling, doing clothing shoots for American Eagle, GAP, Roxy and Chic Jeans among others.  Her toned physique has also landed her on the cover of Women’s Health magazine.  In 2010, a life event added a new credit to her modeling resume when she did a photo shoot for Forever 21’s maternity clothing line in anticipation of the birth of her first child (a son) a few months later.


Cameron’s acting career has seen her in guest spots on famous shows and prominent roles on lesser known ones.  She tapped into her modeling background to play a 15-year old supermodel in an episode of “House”, and she may be recognized by “Entourage” fans as the coat check girl who had a lusty encounter with Vinny Chase in the coat room during a silent auction.  Her more involved roles include stints on the shows “Point Pleasant” and “Harper’s Island”.  Her big screen career includes “Alvin and the Chipmunks”, “Open Water 2: Adrift”, and “Supercross”.

CamRich_Pic04   While never prominently displayed (and sometimes airbrushed out), Cameron has been seen with a script tattoo on her left wrist.  The tattoo says “Bones”.  It is a reference to a nickname she had growing up.  She was called ‘Cam-Bones’ due to her thin frame.  I have read that she has an ankle tattoo, as well.  However, I have not found any photographic proof of it yet.  Below are photos showing off her cute tattoo.

CamRich_Tat03CamRich_Tat02CamRich_Tat01While Cameron does not have an official website or fan page dedicated to her, you can follow her on Twitter, where she proudly dotes on her son.



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