Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Sexy Duet Edition): Sabi


   Back in 2011, the quirky pop band Cobra Starship released the catchy dance tune “You Make Me Feel”.  It turned out to be Cobra Starship’s highest charting single so far in their career, reaching #7 on the Billboard Hot 100.  One thing that stood out in the song was lead singer Gabe Saporta’s vocals being complimented by a strong female voice.  That voice belonged to Sabi (real name:  Jenice Portlock), a hip-hop/R&B singer scoring her first hit with this song, as well.

SabiPic3   The accompanying music video featured numerous scenes in a club which included Sabi singing and dancing, while also ‘cheesing’ it with Saporta in a photo booth.  The sexy and exotic Sabi (she is of Salvadoran and African American backgrounds) got her musical start in 2009 as one half of the urban pop due The Bangz.  After her partner, Ella Ann, was badly injured in a shooting and unable to continue performing, Sabi was forced to go solo.

   Sabi has since become a featured singer on other songs with artists such as Wale and New Boyz.  She is continuing to work on developing her solo singing career while also hosting web-based fashion series called “Found My Swag” (named after one of the songs she released as a member of The Bangz).


     That Sabi embraces the combination of a singer who’s young and sexy and inked should come as no surprise.  In some of Sabi’s photo shoots a script tattoo can be seen on the top of her left shoulder (although, I do not know what is says).

SabiTat4SabiTat3   Another tattoo that Sabi has is the word (or name) Art with a heart on the lower part of her right forearm, just above the wrist.  She got this one done live with radio DJ JoJo Wright of KIIS FM LA.  You can see the video below:

SabiTat2SabiTat1   You can find out more about Sabi’s musical and acting endeavors on her official website:  http://http://officialsabi.com/

You can also follow her on Twitter at:  https://twitter.com/SabiSoundz


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