Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Bat For Lashes (Natasha Khan)


   I’m always a fan of promoting independent and lesser known celebrities, athletes, and singers who have great ink.  Natasha Khan, known by her stage name ‘Bat For Lashes’, falls squarely into that category.


    The London-born Natasha (of Pakistani and English parents) grew up using music as an escape and as an outlet to channel her emotions that ranged from dealing with racism at the hands of schoolmates to enduring an absent father.

BatLash_Pic05    Even though music was a release for her, Natasha did not start her adult life in the industry.  After receiving GCSE’s to complete her school-age education, she worked in a card factory to earn money while she she wrote songs as a side passion.

BatLash_Pic04    Natasha eventually studied music and visual arts at the University of Brighton.  Upon completion, she worked as a nursery school teacher while developing material for her first album, “Fur and Gold”, released in September 2006.  She has since dazzled fans with her haunting voice and lyrics in two more albums (“Two Suns” and “The Haunted Man”) while showcasing her visual and theatrical talents in music videos for such well-received songs as “Daniel”, “Laura”, and “What’s a Girl to Do?”.  Her song “Let’s Get Lost” even appeared on the soundtrack for the movie “Twilight: Eclipse”.


    Natasha’s quirky fashion sense, in addition to her vocal talents, have helped attract numerous fans.  In addition, Natasha has incorporated a couple cute tattoos into her image.  On her left wrist, she has the design of a bat (appropriate for someone named ‘Bat For Lashes’).  On her right wrist, she has the design of a peacock tail.  Here are some photos that showcase her body art.


   Natasha continues to win followers after touring with Coldplay and performing at the pop culture festival in Coachella this year.

You can find out more about Natasha’s musical career on her website:  http://www.batforlashes.com/

You can follow her on Twitter at:  https://twitter.com/Bat_for_Lashes


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