Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Glee Tattoo Edition): Naya Rivera

NayaRiv_Pic06     It almost seems like a prerequisite for being a member of the cast of “Glee” is to be huge fan of tattoos.  The queen bee of “Glee”, Lea Michele, is well known for being proud of, and open about, her body art.  Lea is believed to have at least 14 tattoos.  Yet, co-star, Jenna Ushkowitz has already surpassed her.  Other co-stars, such as Heather Morris, Amber Riley and even newcomer Charice have fully, and completely, embraced being inked.


   So, it should come as no surprise that another cheerleader at McKinley, Santana Lopez (better known as Naya Rivera), also has a few pieces of ink of her own.  When last we saw Miss Rivera, she was trying to get the Red M&M to do the ‘whipped boyfriend’ thing and do the ‘That’ from the Meat Loaf song “I Would Do Anything for Love”.

NayaRiv_Pic01    The sexy Rivera has been acting, basically, her entire life.  Signed to a talent agent within her first year of life, Naya first got on camera in 1991, at the age of 4, in the television series “The Royal Family”, which is noted for having the final performances of comedian Redd Foxx (Fred Sanford from “Sanford and Son”, for those who don’t remember that far back).  Following that show’s cancellation, she had several appears on T.G.I.F. mainstay “Family Matters”.  Despite the early start in acting, Naya was still allowed the grow up relatively normally.  There were the few guest appearances over the next several years, but she did not return to full time acting until she reached age 15 and had lengthy role on the “Bernie Mac Show”.

NayaRiv_Pic04   In 2009, Fox decided to add the show “Glee” to its fall schedule.  Naya jumped at the chance to be in the show so that she could do three of her favorite things (sing, dance, and act) all at once.  She drew inspiration from the film “Mean Girls” to portray the cold-hearted Santana Lopez.  She has also received tremendous praise for her realistic portrayal of a young lesbian struggling to come to terms with what all that means.

NayaRiv_Pic07   Naya’s performance on “Glee” has earned her four nominations and two wins at the ALMA (American Latino Media Arts) awards.  She also has a Screen Actors Guild award in her collection.  Talent runs deep in the Rivera family.  Naya’s brother, Mychal, is a tight end in the NFL; and her sister, Nickayla, is a model.

NayaRiv_Pic03   Now, for the good stuff:  Naya’s tattoos :-).  At present, I have been able to identify 5 tattoos that Naya sports, though I suspect she has more.

   The first one is Naya’s most prominent tattoo, a cross on her lower back.  It is a fitting design because she is a devout Christian (although she is private about it because she considers her beliefs to be personal, not public).

NayaRiv_Tat06NayaRiv_Tat01   Another prominent tattoo of her’s is a Hebrew inscription on her right wrist.

NayaRiv_Tat07NayaRiv_Tat08   When Naya wears her hair up, you can see an adorable ribbon bow tattoo on the back of her neck (Lucy Hale, from “Pretty Little Liars”, has a similar one, and it is just as cute).

NayaRiv_Tat05    The last two tattoos are nice, feminine designs (with placements that also look great for women).  One is a shooting star tattoo on the top of her right foot.  The other is a peace symbol on the inside of her left ankle.

PaleyFest 2011 - Glee - Beverly HillsNayaRiv_Tat02NayaRiv_Tat04    You can find out more about this “Glee” mainstay on her official fan site:


And, as always, you can follow her on Twitter at:  https://twitter.com/NayaRivera


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