Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (True Blood Edition): Anna Paquin

APaquin_Pic07   Anna Paquin is another shining example of how child actors and actresses can actually grow up to be successful, well-adjusted adults without the horrible growing pains that so many other starlets endure.


   The earliest recollection most people have of Anna is of her winning the Best Supporting Actress in 1993 for the Jane Campion film, “The Piano”.  At the time, the 11-year old Paquin was the second youngest winner ever of an Oscar.  She was surpassed only by Tatum O’Neal who won the same award for “Paper Moon” at the age of 10.

APaquin_Pic06    Some may remember that, even before “The Piano”, she was in a series of commercials for MCI phone service as a little girl with a Kiwi accent (she grew up in New Zealand), extolling the virtues of MCI.


   After making a big splash in “The Piano”, Anna returned to being a normal kid and did not act again for three years, when she starred in the well-received family flick, “Fly Away Home” about a young girl who helps a flock of birds migrate using her own self-propelled plane.  She continued to work on about one film per year, including “Amistad”, “Hurly Burly” and “A Walk on the Moon”.

APaquin_Pic04    1999 and 2000 were watershed years for Anna.  In 1999, she played Freddie Prinze Jr.’s younger sister in the enormous teen comedy hit, “She’s All That”.  Then, she followed that with the role of a lifetime, starring as Rogue in 2000’s “X-Men”; the film that signified the true rebirth of the superhero film as a medium for powerful storytelling and breathtaking action (“X-Men 3” and “Spiderman 3”, notwithstanding).

APaquin_Pic05      Anna continued to enhance her acting resume by starring in the two sequels to “X-Men” (and she’s slated to be in the new 2014 release of “X-Men”).  In addition, she was reunited with “Fly Away Home” co-star, Jeff Daniels, in 2005’s independent hit, “The Squid and the Whale”, and she also starred in the HBO mini-series, “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee”, before landing her biggest role yet, as Sookie Stackhouse in the tremendously popular vampire hit (non-sparkly variety), “True Blood”.

APaquin_Pic02    “True Blood” has been a huge boon to Anna’s career, and her life.  In the show, it has allowed her show off strong acting skills while also showcasing her fearlessness, both physically and emotionally, as an actress.  Off-screen, she also showed fearlessness by openly proclaiming her bisexuality as part of the True Colours Fund campaign.  She also fell in love with her on-screen love interest, Stephen Moyer.  They married in 2010, and Anna gave birth to fraternal twins in September, 2012.

APaquin_Pic01   At present, Anna has been spotted with two visible tattoos.  The first one, which she has had for many years, is a scripted design of her initial ‘A’ on the inside of her right ankle.

APaquin_Tat03APaquin_Tat01   More recently, Anna has been spotted with a little circle design on her left wrist.

APaquin_Tat02    Anna does not have an official, verified Twitter account.  Since there are a lot fake accounts purporting to be Anna, I will not include any of them.  However, you can continue to get more about Anna at her fan site:  http://annapaquin.net/


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