Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Poppy Montgomery

Poppy_Pic04   Leave it to the land Down Under to continue to produce beautiful ladies who love body art.  The latest is Sydney, New South Wales native, Poppy Montgomery.  Poppy’s parents had a thing for flowers.  So, she was one of five sisters who were named for flowers (the others are Rosie Thorn, Daisy Yellow, Lily Belle and Marigold Sun).

Poppy_Pic02    Poppy is probably best known to audiences for her 7-year run as Samantha Spade on the hit crime drama “Without a Trace” (a show where she met long-time boyfriend, and father of her oldest son Jackson, actor Adam Kaufman).

Poppy_Pic03    Before Poppy hit it big on “Without a Trace”,  she got her start on the late night soap opera “Silk Stalkings”.  Following that, she was in the briefly popular, but short-lived Kimberly Williams (of “Father of the Bride” fame) series “Relativity”.  She also had guest appearances on hit shows like “NYPD Blue” and “Party of Five”, while also having a cameo in the 1995 Denzel Washington film “Devil in a Blue Dress”.

Poppy_Pic01    In 1999, she drew her first big amount of attention in the Eddie Murphy/Martin Lawrence comedy “Life”, as the promiscuous daughter of the prison warden (played by Ned Beatty).  That put her the spotlight and helped her land the role of Marilyn Monroe/Norma Jean Baker in the 2001 television mini-series, “Blonde”.

Poppy_Pic06   Then, in 2002, she landed her biggest role to date in “Without a Trace”, for which she was nominated for a Screen Actor’s Guild Award.  After show ended in 2009, Poppy acted in a several made-for-tv movies before returning to what she does best, performing in a crime drama.  In 2011, she took the role of Detective Carrie Wells, a police officer with a 100% perfect sensory memory, in the aptly named “Unforgettable”.


    Of course, it goes without saying that Poppy is a big fan of body art.  Otherwise, why would she be featured here?  :-).  Poppy’s most prominent tattoo is a series of Kanji symbols running down her left forearm.

poppy_tat03Poppy_Tat01Poppy_Tat06    On her right wrist, she has the initials of her former boyfriend, Adam Kaufman.  Supposedly, she has also added their son’s name, Jackson, to the same wrist, but I have not found a photo of that.

Poppy_Tat05    As many women do, Poppy also got inked on her ankle and foot (both great places for feminine tattoos).  On her left ankle, she has three stars.  Then, on the side of her left foot, she has the inscription “Faith Not Fear”.

Poppy_Tat07   Finally, Poppy has two additional, incredibly sexy tattoos.  One is a lower back tattoo that is a symbol of some kind.  The other is on the right side of her pelvis (visible only when in lingerie or a tiny bikini).  It is a flower (maybe a poppy?).

Poppy_Tat04Poppy_Tat08You can feed your Poppy thirst at her fan site:  http://poppypetal.org/

As she does not have a verified Twitter account, while she has several fakes, I will not be adding one here.


One thought on “Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Poppy Montgomery

  1. the lower back tattoo is the Om symbol. very sacred to Hinduism. Bad place for something so sacred. It is like getting the Cross inked on your butt cracks.

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