Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Jessica Stroup

JStroup_Pic05    The 2008 continuation of the 1990’s ‘teen’ drama “Beverly Hills, 90210” (known simply as “90210”) was really not something anyone was really clamoring for.  But, a television industry bereft of ideas decided to restart both the “90210” and “Melrose Place” series with next generation reboots.  At least it gave us a new generation of very attractive actresses who also happened to be big fans of body art.

JStroup_Pic06    One of those actresses is Jessica Stroup, a beauty with stunningly piercing blue eyes, who portrayed Erin Silver, the younger half-sister of perpetual nerd David Silver and hottie Kelly Taylor.  During the series’ 5-year run, Stroup stirred up a lot of trouble as the gossip-monger Silver.  In 2012, her performance was nominated for a Prism Award.

jstroup_pic03    Before she hit it big in “90210”, Stroup launched her television career as a Nickelodeon teen starlet on shows such as “Unfabulous” (starring Emma Roberts) and “Zoey 101” (with Britney’s younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears).  Stroup also had guest roles on the tv series “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Family Guy” and “True Blood”.

JStroup_Pic04    Jessica is a southern belle who was born in South Carolina and grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Her mother suggested that Jessica take up modeling and it’s clear why.  After she graduated high school, Jessica briefly attended University of Georgia before she opted to fully commit herself to her acting career.

JStroup_Pic07   In addition to her work on television, Stroup has also carved out a very productive niche on the silver screen as a new generation ‘scream queen’ in a series of horror films.  She starred with good friend (and “New 2 Tats” cutie) Brittany Snow in 2008’s slasher film “Prom Night”.  She was also in the remake of “The Hills Have Eyes 2” and starred in “Homecoming”.

JStroup_Pic01    With “90210” now concluded, Jessica will likely continue to work on her modeling career strengthen her horror film fan base.

JStroup_Pic02    As of right now, Jessica has two discreet, and very cute, tattoos.  The first appears to be a set of wings on her right wrist.JStroup_Tat04

JStroup_Tat03    Jessica also has a design on the back of her neck that is the African symbol (from Ghana) known as Sankofa, which literally means ‘reach back and get it’.

JStroup_Tat01JStroup_Tat02jstroup_tat05You can get more info about Jessica on her fan site:


And, you can follow her on Twitter at:  https://twitter.com/JessicaLStroup


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