Featured Tattoo Style of the Day: Corset Tattoos

In my odd ball group of friends, there is one man, who I will refer to as ‘The Equinox’, who is a huge fan of corsets.  He is such a big fan or corsets that, periodically, he hosts ‘corset parties’, where many of our well-endowed female friends endow themselves further with nicely snug corsets.

So, it seemed only fitting to share my passion (tattoos) with the passion of ‘The Equinox’ (corsets).  I give you corset tattoos.

An obvious place to start is with conventional tattoos where it is just an illustration of a corset placed someone on the person’s body.

Corset_Tat03Corset_Tat04    Those tattoos fine and dandy, but the cutting edge of body art is corset tattoos that actually look like a corset on the body.

This first one shows just the lace and the bow running down this woman’s back.  I have seen multiple approaches to this design.  One is pure tattoo like the woman below has.  However, they then incorporate dermal piercings where the hooks would be and either use the illustrated tattoo for the ribbon, or put actual ribbons connecting to the hooks.  I’m not a fan of dermal piercings, so I think this below design is best for this style.

Corset_Tat07   The designs start to get more impressive as they turn into full body corsets.  From what I can tell of these designs, the tattoos run across these women’s backs to their sides and end there.  This is right way to do body art like this, because continuing around to the front would just be way too far over the top and would not really enhance the overall design.

   The beauty of these full body corsets is that they really look like the real deal when you are looking at them from behind.  Here some great examples (and one ‘not so good’ example).

     This first one is the ‘not so good’ example.  You can see that the artist was going for some gray coloring and shading to try and create a realistic, textured look.  Unfortunately, the result looks like a faded tattoo.  A touch-up focusing on more vibrant coloring could improve this.

Corset_Tat06    These next two do a great job with reproducing an ornamental beaded and laced design on these ladies’ backs.


   This last one is my absolute favorite.  It looks so completely authentic that you might not be able to tell it’s a tattoo at first glance.  The detail is incredible and it is has colors that are just bursting off the human canvas, and doing so spectacularly.  The detailed floral work around the corset just adds to the ‘WOW’ factor.  It also doesn’t hurt that woman who is wearing this tattoo is adorable and seems to match her body art quite well.

Corset_Tat08    It’s amazing how far this art form has come.  These corset tattoos are a great example of the potential body art has.


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