One-Year Anniversary of “New 2 Tats”!!!


New2TatsAnniversary   It is hard to believe that it was one year ago, today, that I launched my literary journey about body art.  It all began when I looked for a forum to share the tale of my evolution from someone who despised tattoos to one who is now a passionate supporter of them.

I wrote my “Tattoo Manifesto” several weeks earlier and shared it with friends on Facebook.   However, after realizing that I had much more to say about ink than just what I shared in my ‘manifesto’, I found WordPress to be the perfect host for sharing my feelings and observations about tattoos.

Thus, on June 23rd, 2012, “New 2 Tats” was launched with the first post being the aforementioned “Tattoo Manifesto”.

Since then, I have tried to share my opinions on tattoos from a variety of angles.

Themes:  There are certain themes to tattoos I have become a big fan of and I wanted to share more of that kind of ink.

Celebrities and Athletes:  In the entertainment and athletic world, there are so many examples of body art (both good and bad), that I have used this blog to highlight those that I have found most notable.  I have tried to be diverse in this approach.  So, I have different types of people whose body art I have featured.

This has been a lot of fun because several of the people I have featured have written to me saying the enjoyed my feature on them.  Some even shared additional photos of their tattoos with me.


Personal Tattoos:  I believe that getting a tattoo is not enough.  You should also try to record the experience of getting inked.  It’s as much about the journey as the destination.  So, for all three of my tattoos I have so far, I made sure to do that.

  1. Irish and Scottish Flag Tattoo:  InkedMemeFirstTat01
  2. Shamrock with Celtic Heart Knot Tattoo:MyNewTat_04Tat_two_too
  3. Triskelion (Getting a tattoo with a friend):  MyThirdTattoo_20MyThirdTattoo_12Twitter_Tat

This has been a tremendous journey so far and I have enjoyed every step.  I’m looking forward to continuing to write celebrity and athlete features for the foreseeable future.  I hope to move forward with more features on personal friends and their tattoo stories.  And, of course, when I find that next piece of body art that I want for myself, I will share that story here, as well.

Here are some additional resources for “New 2 Tats”:



Thanks again, everyone, for your support over the past year!


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