Featured Tattoo Style of the Day: Spirits (The Beverage Variety)

One of the fun, and creative, aspects of tattoos is how people can use them to tell the world what they like, and also show a humorous side to themselves.  Inspired by a girl I met at an Orioles game who loved Natty Boh beer so much that she got the logo tattooed on her ankle, I present this feature on tattoo lovers who express their love of their favorite alcoholic beverages in a very permanent way.

The “Natty Boh Girl”

NattyBoh_TatPeople who love their wine

Wine_Tat01Wine_Tat02Everyone has a little Captain in them.  This one has a little Captain ON them

CaptainMorgan_TatMy personal favorite spirit:  Johnnie Walker (cue the Scotch Dance)

Johnnie_Walker_Tat01PRB isn’t to everyone’s liking, but this person appears to love it

PBR_TatShowing love for the great Dogfish Head ale

DogFishHead_TatGotta appreciate anyone who loves Guinness enough to get the stout’s harp logo inked on them

Guinness_Tat02I think I will go pour me some Green Label now.


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