Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Cascada Edition): Natalie Horler

Cascada_Pic03     2006 brought the very catchy dance tune, “Everytime We Touch”, to the airwaves:

    The song was performed by a German eurodance group called Cascada.  Contrary to what fans thought (and, perhaps, still think), Cascada is not the name of the sexy lead singer of the group.  Her name is Natalie Horler, and she is the latest feature on “New 2 Tats”.

Cascada_Pic01    Natalie was born in Bonn, Germany (which served as the capital of West Germany until the nation re-unified in 1990) to David and Christine Horler, who both hail from the United Kingdom (she speaks both German and English fluently).  Her father is a jazz musician, which helped instill Natalie with a love of music.  That, and dozens of songs from Disney movies.

Cascada_Pic04    As she grew up, Natalie sought to make a career out of singing.  She started plying her trade by singing at bars and casinos before she began recording tracks with a number of respected DJs in the eurodance scene.  This led to her connecting with DJ Manian and Yann Peifer (also known as Yanou, who was well-known for 2002’s “Heaven” with DJ Sammy and Do, an incredible remake of Bryan Adam’s treacly 1980’s hit).  Together, they formed Cascada.  That first, stellar single, “Everytime We Touch” reached #2 in the United Kingdom, #1 in Ireland, and even became a Top 10 hit in the United States.

Cascada_Pic06     Natalie and Cascada followed up their initial success with a cover of “What Hurts the Most”, a country song made famous by Rascal Flatts.  In 2009, she returned to her dance roots (and the Billboard Hot 100) with “Evacuate the Dancefloor”, an energetic dance confectionery that reach #25 on the U.S. charts.  Natalie has also been a presenter and performer on numerous music video shows, while also recently posing in the German edition of Playboy magazine.

Cascada_Pic02      While it could not be seen in the video for “Everytime We Touch”, her follow-up, “What Hurts the Most” hinted that Natalie had a thing for tattoos with a temporary heart tattoo placed on her shoulder as part of the videos storyline.  In “Evacuate the Dancefloor”, all doubt is removed when you can clearly see her wrist tattoos.  I have been able to identify that Natalie has 4 pieces of body art.

    On her left outer forearm, Natalie has a script tattoo that reads “Gone Too Soon” (apparently, a tribute to Michael Jackson)

Cascada_Tat01Cascada_Tat02    On Natalie’s right wrist, she has a star-encircled script tattoo with her initials “N. H.”.

Cascada_Tat05     In Natalie’s Playboy shoot, she shows off a pair of wings on her upper back.

Cascada_Tat06    That same photo session also revealed a ribbon tattoo running down the front of her left hip.

Cascada_Tat03Cascada_Tat04Cascada’s official website:


You can follow her (and her band) on Twitter at:  https://twitter.com/cascada_music


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