Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Lily Collins


   You may recognize British-born actress (and model) Lily Collins, from her work in fashion and on film.  However, there is probably something in the back of your mind that has you recall that she’s related to someone else who is famous.  That thought would be correct.  Lily Collins is the daughter of famed lead singer of Genesis (and solo artist), Phil Collins.


   Lily was born in 1989 to Phil Collins and Jill Tavelman.  At a relatively young age, she got a harsh dose of what celebrity life was like when her parents got divorced, and the court case became fodder for the British tabloids.  Despite experiencing that kind of difficulty, it did not dissuade her from choosing a life in the public eye.  It simply made her more guarded and private about her personal life (a personal preference that more celebrities could benefit from embracing).


    As a teenager, Lily got involved in modeling, doing print and fashion work for such companies as Chanel and Glamour.  However, she was not content to be ‘just another pretty face’.  Her passion for journalism led her to write for a regular column for Elle Girl (the teenage edition of Elle Magazine), while also writing for Seventeen, Teen Vogue and L.A. Times Magazine.  In 2008, she was the host of the Nickelodeon series “Kids Pick the President”.  She went on to study broadcast journalism at the University of Southern California.


   2009 proved to be a breakthrough year for Lily.  She had a guest role on “90210” (the reboot of “Beverly Hills 90210”), and made her major film debut in the hit drama “The Blind Side”.  In that film she played Collins Tuohy (perfect first name ;-)), the daughter of Leigh Anne Tuohy (played by Sandra Bullock, in an Oscar-winning role).  She later starred in the thrillers “Priest” and “Abduction”, and then starred in an adaptation of Snow White called “Mirror Mirror”, alongside Julia Roberts.


   More recently, Lily played Clary Fray in the film “Mortal Instruments”, based on the New York Times bestselling novels.  She also performed with Greg Kinnear and Jennifer Connelly in the movie “Stuck In Love”.  She is also rumored to be in discussions for a lead role in the English literature parody “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”.


    Recently, Lily has begun showing a love of body art.  On her left wrist, you can see a tattoo of a crown above a winged heart.




   On her upper back, she has the phrase ‘Love, Always and Forever’ inscripted in her own handwriting.




You can find out more about her on her fan page:  http://www.lily-collins.org/

And, of course, you can follow her on Twitter at:  https://twitter.com/lilycollins


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