Athlete Tattoo of the Day (Links Lionness Edition): Carly Booth


    One of the great aspects of ESPN: The Magazine’s annual “Body Issue” is that is shows realistic, and healthy, body images of athletes in all shapes in sizes courtesy of sports figures who take it all of for tasteful photos.  An side benefit of this is that it also reveals the body of art of these athletes, many of whom you may not have known had tattoos.


One of the more stunning pictorials from the 2013 “Body Issue” featured Carly Booth, a young Scottish golf prodigy who has already made a name for herself of amateur circuit and the Ladies European Tour.  Just this year, she made her first appearances in a few of the major championships on the LPGA Tour (U.S. Women’s Open and Women’s British Open).  While not successful in these first attempts, it is only a matter of time until she breaks through there, as well.


   The term ‘prodigy’ is not thrown around lightly when it comes to Carly.  At age 12, she played with former Masters and British Open Champion, Sandy Lyle, in the British Masters Pro-Am.  Just two years later, she hit the ground running in her first professional golf event, the Ladies Scottish Open, where she finished in an impressive 13th place.

CBooth_Pic01    This early success foreshadowed Carly becoming a major force on the amateur circuit.  She has already racked up 8 wins in amateur events, with a particularly huge year in 2007, when she won 5 times (Ladies Home International, Scottish Girls U18, Scottish Girls U21, Daily Telegraph Finals, and European Young Master).

CBooth_Pic04       In 2008, Carly became the youngest player ever to represent the Great Britain & Ireland team in the biennial Curtis Cup Match.  The Curtis Cup is a Ryder Cup-style match play event that contested amateur women’s golfers between the United States and Great Britain/Ireland.  Now a professional, Carly has already achieved two victories on the Ladies European Tour.  She will be fascinating to watch as she makes her move towards success on the LPGA tour.

CBooth_Pic05    Carly’s appearance in the “Body Issue” revealed her great love of body art.  When being interviewed about her tattoos as part of the issue, Carly revealed she currently has 5 pieces of body art (I have been able to identify 3 of them).  Some are visible when she is normally dressed, but it is the quote along her right hip that is drawing the most attention.  Curving from her lower back, down the hip and to the top of the thigh is a quote from William Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”.  It reads ‘It is not the stars to hold our destiny, but In Ourselves”.

CBooth_Tat01During a workout photo shoot, Carly showed off a design of a Celtic cross on the back of her neck.

CBooth_Tat04Her third tattoo (and the last one I was able to find), is fully visible whenever she’s not on the golf course.  On the top of her left foot, she has a very pretty, wonderfully feminine design of a bird.

CBooth_Tat03CBooth_Tat02CBooth_Tat05You can get more info on Carly Booth at her fansite:

You can follow her on Twitter at:


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