Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Local Radio Personality Edition): Danni Starr

Danni_Starr_KaneShowCrew     Fans of morning talk show “The Kane Show”, broadcast on Hot 99.5 based out of Washington D.C. (with simulcast on several other affiliates), know that the past year has seen a great many personal changes.  During the summer of 2012, Samy, the male id of the show moved on.  Then, in the fall, long-time Hollywood news and local social life personality, Sarah Fraser, left to pursue new solo opportunities in the entertainment field.  All that was left of “The Kane Show” was Kane, himself.

DStarr_pic06    Fortunately, Kane was prepared.  Samy was replaced by his spiritual brother, Intern John.  Sarah’s absence was partially filled by Melanie, a Tampa-radio host who had joined “The Kane Show” during the final few months of Samy and Sarah.  The final piece to the puzzle was added a little while later when Danni Starr (the owner of the best dimples on East Coast) joined the team.

DStarr_pic03    Danni Starr is a familiar face from before her days on radio.  Danni, whose real name is Danielle Epps, is a Minnesota native who first rose to fame as the winner of the 2007 Miss Minnesota International pageant (Miss International is an alternative pageant to Miss Universe).

DStarr_pic01      The entertainment industry held an appeal for Danni after her reign as Miss Minnesota.  She went the radio show route and became a midday host on 96.3 NOW in Minneapolis.  Then, Danni decided to make the jump in the reality television arena, when she participated in “Bridezillas” with her soon-to-be husband, Marlon (aka Bigg Slim).

DStarr_pic04    Not having ever watched that show myself, I can only go off of Danni’s discussions of it on “The Kane Show” and comments I have read on the internet, which reveal it was not a flattering portrayal for her (of course, I don’t think the producers try to make it flattering for anyone who participates) and created some headaches.  However, Danni has taken a positive and constructive path from that experience by continuing to strengthen her marriage with Slim and applying the lessons she learned to other couples in “Marriage Boot Camp”.

DStarr_pic02     Currently, you can get Danni’s entertaining outlook on life every morning on “The Kane Show”.  This new talent has allowed to the show to not miss one single beat.  Her chemistry with Kane, Melanie and Intern John is spot on (although, one has to question the wisdom of allowing Intern John to be a baby sitter …. kidding kidding..  😉 ).  Danni helps make the morning drive to work a bearable one with her compatriots.

DStarr_pic07    As much as I appreciate Danni on “The Kane Show”, she wouldn’t be featured here if she didn’t some have body art.

   In this photo with her pride and joy, her daughter MJ, you can see a nice little script tattoo with hearts on her right wrist.

DStarr_tat01    In this beach photo with her husband, Slim, she shows off a script tattoo running down her right thigh.

DStarr_tat03   One other tattoo of Danni’s is a shamrock in the middle of her back.  I’m a huge fan of shamrock tattoos, as they one of those designs that is perfect for tattooing just about anywhere on the body.  It compliments Danni quite nicely on her back.

DStarr_tat02You can find out more about Danni on these sites:

Miss Minnesota International:  http://www.missminnesota.us/winners_det.php?pid=5

The Kane Show:  http://www.iheartkaneshow.com/pages/kaneshow/

And, you can follow her on Twitter here:  https://twitter.com/iamdannistarr


Athlete Tattoo of the Day (Distance Runner Edition): Jessica Augusto

jessaugusto_pic05    Not every Olympic-caliber athlete chooses to get tattoos that commemorate the Olympic experience.  Some are just big fans of body art and the meaning they have.  Portuguese distance runner, Jessica Augusto, is one such athlete.

JessAugusto_Pic02      Born in 1981, Augusto has had a passion for distance running her whole life.  She has been involved in competitive racing in many disciplines, including cross-country, road running, marathon and even steeplechase.  At 18 years of age, Jessica achieved her first major accomplishment in high-level competition, when she took a silver medal with her team in junior race at the European Cross Country championships (she took 8th overall, individually).

jessaugusto_pic03    The European Cross-Country championships have proven to be an annual rite of medal collection for Jessica.  In 2008, 2009 and 2010, she contributed to the team gold medal for Portugal.  In 2009, she won an individual silver medal and then scored a gold medal in 2010.  Jessica’s success has not been limited just to the cross country.  She also has achieved gold medals in international competition in the 3000m (3 times), as well as the 1500m and 5000m races.

JessAugusto_Pic04    On the largest stage, the Olympics, Jessica has performed well, but has not yet medaled.  At Beijing in 2008, she competed in 5000m and steeplechase, but did not reach the finals in either event.  In 2012, at the London Games, she finished in 7th place, just 2 minutes behind the Olympic record set by the gold medalist Tiki Gelana (of Ethiopia).

JessAugusto_Pic01    Jessica has two very noticeable tattoos.  The first one is her most meaningful.  The inside of her right bicep has a script of her father’s name, Arnaldo Augusto.  Her father was a main inspiration in her life and he passed just 6 weeks after she competed in the London Marathon.  This is her tribute to him.

JessAugusto_Tat02JessAugusto_Tat01    Jessica’s other tattoo appears to be a design of a bird or butterfly on her left wrist.

JessAugusto_Tat04JessAugusto_Tat03You can get more information on Jessica from her website (if you can read Portuguese):


Jessica does not have an officially recognized Twitter account.

Tattoo Style of the Day: Ultraviolet (UV) Tattoos

UV_Tat05    As tattoos continue their growth in mainstream acceptance, the envelope for artistry and complexity keeps getting pushed further.  Amazing use of color, increased detail and 3-dimensional texturing have really helped to enhance the perceptions of tattoos as a true form of artistic expression.

UV_Tat07   One of the newer developments in this arena has been the advent of the UV tattoo (also called a blacklight tattoo).  Using specialized inks that are visible under only ultraviolet light, these types of tattoos add a brand new dimension to how people choose to express themselves on their human canvas.

UV_Tat11    UV tattoos have the ability to at extra layers of detail an already existing design (as witnessed in this city skyline piece).

UV_Tat10  They can also allow people to embrace body art in a much more subtle way.  In some cases, a person may want to have a nice tattoo, but not have it visible at all times.  A U.V. tattoo is perfect in that regard because it allows them to get inked but only show it under special circumstances (this chemical compound design is an example)

UV_Tat12    Here are some other great UV designs people have shared on the internet.

Decepticon and Autobot logos:

Nursing symbol:

UV_Tat09Enhanced torso tattoo:

UV_Tat02Yoda igniting his lightsaber:


Angel wings on back:

UV_Tat06A spectacular cross:

UV_Tat03Thor’s hammer, electrified with lightning:

UV_Tat01I hope you appreciate these examples, and that they give you some additional ideas to consider for your next tattoo.

Athlete Tattoo of the Day (2012 Olympic Redux Edition): Jordyn Wieber

JordynWieber_Pic02    The wonderful new development about the Olympic Games is that almost every participant looks to commemorate the experience with colorful and inventive body art.  Just on “New 2 Tats”, alone, we have featured Olympians like Stephanie Rice, Ronda Rousey, Missy Franklin and Federica Pelligrini (just to name a few).  Jordyn Wieber, of the Gold Medal winning U.S. Women’s Gymnastics team is the latest to join that club.

JordynWieber_Pic01    The 2012 Games in London proved to be one of the most enormously successful performances ever for the U.S. in women’s gymnastics.  In addition to Gabby Douglas achieving the individual all-around Gold Medal, Gabby, Jordyn and the rest of their teammates pulled down the team Gold Medal as well.

JordynWieber_Pic03     Before she achieved Gold Medal greatness, the Michigan-born Wieber started competing in high-level competition on the Juniors circuit in 2009, winning Gold Medals at the American Cup and Pacific Rim Championships.  In 2011, she progressed the Seniors circuit and started competing alongside her future Olympic teammates, securing many more Gold Medals.

     After the success in London, Jordyn took time off to heal from a stress fracture injury and she has started college at UCLA, where she serves as the manager of their gymnastics team.

JordynWieber_Pic04     The Olympic Rings and the city of the Games is one of the most common tattoo designs that athletes get (Stephanie Rice has both Beijing and London commemorated on her inner right bicep).  Jordyn just recently added the Olympic Ring design, along with a script design of London, on her left wrist.  It’s a very cute tattoo and looks good on her.

JordynWieber_Tat03JordynWieber_Tat02Jordyn WieberYou can follow Jordyn on her official website:


You can also Twitter her at:  https://twitter.com/jordyn_wieber

Major Milestone: A Quarter Million Page Views!!

Tonight, “New 2 Tats” reached a major milestone when it received its 250,000th lifetime page view.  A quarter million is an impressive feat, and it could not have been done without the tremendous support from all of you fans.  Please continue to enjoy this blog as I continue to enjoy writing it for you.  Lets see if we can get 1 million!


Hottie Ink Update (Songstress Edition): Foxes and Ellie Goulding

One of the immutable truths of maintaining a blog about tattoos, is that there will always be new tattoos to showcase on people who have already been featured.  This is also one of the benefits.  In some cases, like Janel Parrish, they have so many tattoos that an initial post could not highlight all of them.  In other cases, like Selena Gomez, new tattoos are added over time and require their own feature.  In this post, singers Foxes and Ellie Goulding are featured with new ink.


Original feature:


Foxes_Pic04    Foxes (Louisa Rose Allen) is the quirky, sexy singer who has been dominating the airwaves (and iPod playlists) in 2013 as the vocalist in “Clarity”, an amazingly passionate song engineered by EDM stalwart Zedd.  She also released an EP, containing haunting tracks like “White Coats”.  In her original “New 2 Tats” feature, we highlighted the only known tattoo Foxes had at the time, a little heart on her right wrist.

Foxes_Tat01    Since then, a new tattoo has been spotted.  On the outside of her left ankle (determined to be the left because it’s a reverse image in a mirror), Foxes has a crescent moon visible.


Keep Twittering Foxes here:  https://twitter.com/iamfoxes

Ellie Goulding

Original feature:


EG_Pic1    If you were to look up ‘adorable’ in the encyclopedia, the first entry you would find would be British singer Ellie Goulding (Ariana Grande would be the second entry).  When she was featured initially, Ellie was already a breakout star with songs like “Starry Eyed” and “Lights”.  At the time, she had a single tattoo, of a red triangle, on her right wrist (triangles being an obsession of hers).

EG_Tat1    Since her first feature, Ellie has continued her occupation of the upper reaches of the Billboard Hot 100 with such popular songs as “I Need Your Love (with Calvin Harris)” and “Burn”.  She has also added a new piece of ink.  It is a white ink tattoo of an arrow on her index finger.  She showed the work being done in the music video for “I Need Your Love”.  (It’s hard to tell if it is on her left or right hand, because the video makes it look like it is being applied to the left, but her Instagram photo makes it look like it’s on the right).

EllieG_TatUpdate01EllieG_TatUpdate03EllieG_TatUpdate02Keep showing Ellie some love on Twitter:   https://twitter.com/elliegoulding

Celebrity Tattoo Update: Danielle Harris Torso Portrait

Initially, I was going to include Danielle Harris and her completed torso portrait in my “Hottie Ink Update” feature with other celebrities.  However, the final product was so stunning, I felt it worthy of its own feature.


Here is the original feature on Danielle:


Danielle Harris   Nearly a year ago, I featured former child actress, and reigning ‘Scream Queen’, Danielle Harris.  Since her days as a young actress on shows like “Roseanne”, she has grown up beautifully and added some stellar art to her body.    At the time of my initial feature, Danielle was in the process of getting an elaborate portrait drawn on her side.

DanielleHarris_Tat06   I was always curious to see how it would turn out.  Now, we have photos of this completed tattoo in full detail as she shows it off in a sexy photo shoot as recent cover girl for “Inked” Magazine.  The torso portrait, which meshes well with her hip tattoo gives Danielle some exquisite body art running down her left side.

DHarris_TatUpdate_03DHarris_TatUpdate_02DHarris_TatUpdate_01Of course, you can continue to follow Danielle on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/halloweengal

You can also read about her cover shoot in “Inked” Magazine here: