Celebrity Tattoo Update: Selena Gomez gets Tattoo #3

Tattoo #4

It is no secret that Selena Gomez is one of the most favored celebrities ever featured on “New 2 Tats”.  This past year has shown Selena develop into a full-fledged, bonafide hottie.  Instead of making desperate attempts to prove she’s no longer a child star (a la Miley Cyrus), Selena has grown into her sexiness naturally.



   Part of that evolution has involved Selena getting body art.  She was already known to have two tattoos.

Her first was a music note on her right wrist:


Her second tattoo was the Roman Numeral LXXVI (’76’) which represents the year of her mother’s birth.


Now, Selena has added a third tattoo to her collection.  During a recent beach vacation with friends, Selena proudly showed her stunning figure in a ‘barely there’ bikini, which revealed that she has a nice new piece of body art, this one running her right hip.  While the clear pictures of this script tattoo have yet to surface, it has been confirmed by Selena that it was inspired by her favorite Biblical quote, Philippians 4:13:  “I can do all this through him who gives me strength”.  The verse is a reference to the support one derives from a relationship with Jesus.  Hence, Selena’s tattoo reads “Jesus strengthens me”.  It turns out she has had this tattoo for nearly a year.  This is just the first time she has worn a bikini that showed it off.


As always, you can follow Selena on Twitter at https://twitter.com/selenagomez


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