Celebrity Tattoo Update: Danielle Harris Torso Portrait

Initially, I was going to include Danielle Harris and her completed torso portrait in my “Hottie Ink Update” feature with other celebrities.  However, the final product was so stunning, I felt it worthy of its own feature.


Here is the original feature on Danielle:


Danielle Harris   Nearly a year ago, I featured former child actress, and reigning ‘Scream Queen’, Danielle Harris.  Since her days as a young actress on shows like “Roseanne”, she has grown up beautifully and added some stellar art to her body.    At the time of my initial feature, Danielle was in the process of getting an elaborate portrait drawn on her side.

DanielleHarris_Tat06   I was always curious to see how it would turn out.  Now, we have photos of this completed tattoo in full detail as she shows it off in a sexy photo shoot as recent cover girl for “Inked” Magazine.  The torso portrait, which meshes well with her hip tattoo gives Danielle some exquisite body art running down her left side.

DHarris_TatUpdate_03DHarris_TatUpdate_02DHarris_TatUpdate_01Of course, you can continue to follow Danielle on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/halloweengal

You can also read about her cover shoot in “Inked” Magazine here:



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