Tattoo Style of the Day: Ultraviolet (UV) Tattoos

UV_Tat05    As tattoos continue their growth in mainstream acceptance, the envelope for artistry and complexity keeps getting pushed further.  Amazing use of color, increased detail and 3-dimensional texturing have really helped to enhance the perceptions of tattoos as a true form of artistic expression.

UV_Tat07   One of the newer developments in this arena has been the advent of the UV tattoo (also called a blacklight tattoo).  Using specialized inks that are visible under only ultraviolet light, these types of tattoos add a brand new dimension to how people choose to express themselves on their human canvas.

UV_Tat11    UV tattoos have the ability to at extra layers of detail an already existing design (as witnessed in this city skyline piece).

UV_Tat10  They can also allow people to embrace body art in a much more subtle way.  In some cases, a person may want to have a nice tattoo, but not have it visible at all times.  A U.V. tattoo is perfect in that regard because it allows them to get inked but only show it under special circumstances (this chemical compound design is an example)

UV_Tat12    Here are some other great UV designs people have shared on the internet.

Decepticon and Autobot logos:

Nursing symbol:

UV_Tat09Enhanced torso tattoo:

UV_Tat02Yoda igniting his lightsaber:


Angel wings on back:

UV_Tat06A spectacular cross:

UV_Tat03Thor’s hammer, electrified with lightning:

UV_Tat01I hope you appreciate these examples, and that they give you some additional ideas to consider for your next tattoo.


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