Athlete Tattoo of the Day (Distance Runner Edition): Jessica Augusto

jessaugusto_pic05    Not every Olympic-caliber athlete chooses to get tattoos that commemorate the Olympic experience.  Some are just big fans of body art and the meaning they have.  Portuguese distance runner, Jessica Augusto, is one such athlete.

JessAugusto_Pic02      Born in 1981, Augusto has had a passion for distance running her whole life.  She has been involved in competitive racing in many disciplines, including cross-country, road running, marathon and even steeplechase.  At 18 years of age, Jessica achieved her first major accomplishment in high-level competition, when she took a silver medal with her team in junior race at the European Cross Country championships (she took 8th overall, individually).

jessaugusto_pic03    The European Cross-Country championships have proven to be an annual rite of medal collection for Jessica.  In 2008, 2009 and 2010, she contributed to the team gold medal for Portugal.  In 2009, she won an individual silver medal and then scored a gold medal in 2010.  Jessica’s success has not been limited just to the cross country.  She also has achieved gold medals in international competition in the 3000m (3 times), as well as the 1500m and 5000m races.

JessAugusto_Pic04    On the largest stage, the Olympics, Jessica has performed well, but has not yet medaled.  At Beijing in 2008, she competed in 5000m and steeplechase, but did not reach the finals in either event.  In 2012, at the London Games, she finished in 7th place, just 2 minutes behind the Olympic record set by the gold medalist Tiki Gelana (of Ethiopia).

JessAugusto_Pic01    Jessica has two very noticeable tattoos.  The first one is her most meaningful.  The inside of her right bicep has a script of her father’s name, Arnaldo Augusto.  Her father was a main inspiration in her life and he passed just 6 weeks after she competed in the London Marathon.  This is her tribute to him.

JessAugusto_Tat02JessAugusto_Tat01    Jessica’s other tattoo appears to be a design of a bird or butterfly on her left wrist.

JessAugusto_Tat04JessAugusto_Tat03You can get more information on Jessica from her website (if you can read Portuguese):

Jessica does not have an officially recognized Twitter account.


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