Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Local Radio Personality Edition): Danni Starr

Danni_Starr_KaneShowCrew     Fans of morning talk show “The Kane Show”, broadcast on Hot 99.5 based out of Washington D.C. (with simulcast on several other affiliates), know that the past year has seen a great many personal changes.  During the summer of 2012, Samy, the male id of the show moved on.  Then, in the fall, long-time Hollywood news and local social life personality, Sarah Fraser, left to pursue new solo opportunities in the entertainment field.  All that was left of “The Kane Show” was Kane, himself.

DStarr_pic06    Fortunately, Kane was prepared.  Samy was replaced by his spiritual brother, Intern John.  Sarah’s absence was partially filled by Melanie, a Tampa-radio host who had joined “The Kane Show” during the final few months of Samy and Sarah.  The final piece to the puzzle was added a little while later when Danni Starr (the owner of the best dimples on East Coast) joined the team.

DStarr_pic03    Danni Starr is a familiar face from before her days on radio.  Danni, whose real name is Danielle Epps, is a Minnesota native who first rose to fame as the winner of the 2007 Miss Minnesota International pageant (Miss International is an alternative pageant to Miss Universe).

DStarr_pic01      The entertainment industry held an appeal for Danni after her reign as Miss Minnesota.  She went the radio show route and became a midday host on 96.3 NOW in Minneapolis.  Then, Danni decided to make the jump in the reality television arena, when she participated in “Bridezillas” with her soon-to-be husband, Marlon (aka Bigg Slim).

DStarr_pic04    Not having ever watched that show myself, I can only go off of Danni’s discussions of it on “The Kane Show” and comments I have read on the internet, which reveal it was not a flattering portrayal for her (of course, I don’t think the producers try to make it flattering for anyone who participates) and created some headaches.  However, Danni has taken a positive and constructive path from that experience by continuing to strengthen her marriage with Slim and applying the lessons she learned to other couples in “Marriage Boot Camp”.

DStarr_pic02     Currently, you can get Danni’s entertaining outlook on life every morning on “The Kane Show”.  This new talent has allowed to the show to not miss one single beat.  Her chemistry with Kane, Melanie and Intern John is spot on (although, one has to question the wisdom of allowing Intern John to be a baby sitter …. kidding kidding..  😉 ).  Danni helps make the morning drive to work a bearable one with her compatriots.

DStarr_pic07    As much as I appreciate Danni on “The Kane Show”, she wouldn’t be featured here if she didn’t some have body art.

   In this photo with her pride and joy, her daughter MJ, you can see a nice little script tattoo with hearts on her right wrist.

DStarr_tat01    In this beach photo with her husband, Slim, she shows off a script tattoo running down her right thigh.

DStarr_tat03   One other tattoo of Danni’s is a shamrock in the middle of her back.  I’m a huge fan of shamrock tattoos, as they one of those designs that is perfect for tattooing just about anywhere on the body.  It compliments Danni quite nicely on her back.

DStarr_tat02You can find out more about Danni on these sites:

Miss Minnesota International:  http://www.missminnesota.us/winners_det.php?pid=5

The Kane Show:  http://www.iheartkaneshow.com/pages/kaneshow/

And, you can follow her on Twitter here:  https://twitter.com/iamdannistarr


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