Merry Inked Christmas to All My Fellow Tattoo Lovers

Just a couple funny pictures that show what all body art enthusiasts hope for at Christmas time.  Hope everyone of you gets what you want this year (hopefully of the inked variety 😉 )




Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (‘Domino’ Edition): Jessie J

JessieJ_Pic04       Very early in 2011, music fans were introduced to the reggae-infused pop stylings of London soul singer, Jessie J.  Looking like the quirky cousin of Lady Miss Kier from Dee-Lite (remember the song “Groove is in the Heart”?), Jessie J teamed with R&B hit-maker, B.o.B., to release the first catch tune of the year, “Price Tag”.  The tune was a worldwide smash, reaching the top of the charts in 4 different countries (it reach #23 on Billboard in the U.S.)

Jessie J without her makeup and wig

Jessie J without her makeup and wig

Jessie J was born Jessica Ellen Cornish in 1988.  She has had the performing bug in her blood since her earliest days.  She was educated at Colin’s Performing Arts School and even performed in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s West End performance of “Whistle Down the Wind” as an 11-year old.

JessieJ_Pic02     Being born into a family with two older sisters who were gifted academically in school put pressure on the younger Jessie, who didn’t feel she was ‘good at anything’.  However, performing opened the door to a passion she was good at.  She continued her musical education at the BRIT School for the Performing Arts, where she graduated alongside other hit-making soulful songstresses like Adele (who has been featured) and Leona Lewis (who will be featured).

JessieJ_Pic03     Jessie’s early endeavors as a professional musician including songwriting and supporting performance gigs.  One of her earliest ones was being the supporting act for Cyndi Lauper, as perfect a stylistic muse as Jessie J could find.  As a writer, she developed songs for Chris Brown and Miley Cyrus, including Cyrus’ first big hit, “Party In the U.S.A.” (but we won’t hold that against Jessie ;-)).

JessieJ_Pic07         Jessie proved that “Price Tag” was not a one-hit wonder when, late in the summer of 2011, she released “Domino”.  “Domino” is such an fun, energetic song that it made a bigger splash than “Price Tag”, reaching #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 (it is also a superior song, in my humble opinion).  Jessie J’s voice, manic stage persona and musical intuition has also won her many fans among music critics.  Jessie J followed her big 2011 by releasing her follow-up album, “Alive”, in 2013 to a generally successful reception among fans and critics.

JessieJ_Pic01     Jessie J’s personal life has had its share of struggles as she has battled medical issues, as well as learning to become comfortable with her sexual identity.  She suffered a stroke when she was 18 and has had to contend with panic attacks.  Jessie has been open about her bisexuality and believes that being a well-known public figure who talks about her own sexuality will help other girls who are struggling with their own identity (she is to be applauded for that).

JessieJ_Pic06     Jessie J certain is a huge fan of body art.  Even in her heavily made up, and costumed, persona in the video for “Price Tag”, you could see that she has a tattoo on her right wrist.  It reads ‘Stand Up’ with a little heart beneath it.

JessieJ_Tat05   Jessie has a goofy little tattoo on the back of her left calf.  It is a stick figure sitting cross-legged, flashing a peace sign.

JessieJ_Tat07   Behind Jessie’s left ear, she has an inverted treble clef, combined with a bass clef to form a heart design.

JessieJ_Tat04    Jessie’s largest design runs along side her right hip and up her torso.  It is a lyric from her own single “Who We Are” with a trail of stars before and after the lyric.

JessieJ_Tat02JessieJ_Tat06JessieJ_Tat03JessieJ_Tat08JessieJ_Tat01     You can find out more about Jessie J on her official website:

And, you can follow her on Twitter at:

Athlete Tattoo of the Day (More Olympic Tattoos Edition): Jessica Lopez


    At this point, any of you who have followed “New 2 Tats” regularly will have noticed that one of the more enduring themes I feature is Olympic tattoos.  Olympians love to commemorate this life transforming experience in permanent form with body art.  Venezuelan gymnast, Jessica Lopez, is another example of an Olympic athlete who has placed the indelible Olympic Rings upon her body.


    In incredibly youthful looking Lopez (she’s actually 27 years old) is quite the international gymnastics veteran.  Jessica has competed in both the 2008 Games in Beijing and the 2012 Games in London.  She did not medal in either of those Olympic Games, but she has done well in the Central American and Caribbean Games, where she pulled down 2 Gold medals, 1 Silver medal and 3 Bronze medals in the 2010 Games in Mayaguez alone.  In addition to her international participation, she was a also a 3-time letter winner on the women’s gymnastics team at University of Denver, even earning 1st and 2nd team All-American honors her senior year in the vault and beam, respectively.


    Jessica’s placed her tattoo of choice on her upper left shoulder blade.  The photos below show this adorable tattoo.




You can check out Jessica’s University of Denver bio here:

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Keke Palmer

KPalmer_Pic06     When you see child stars who captivate you with exceptional performances, you hope to see that they can continue to have success and avoid becoming one of those cautionary horror stories that so many young actors and actresses have become.  So, when you see someone like Keke Palmer arrive in adulthood with a firm and stable foundation and career, it restores some faith.

KPalmer_Pic07     Keke (who was born Lauren Keyana Palmer and goes by this nickname) made her acting debut at age 10 with a small role in the Ice Cube film “Barbershop 2:  Back in Business”, but she first captured audiences’ hearts as the title character in the family Spelling Bee drama “Akeelah and the Bee” (where she got to perform alongside such acting heavyweights as Laurence Fishburne and Angela Bassett).

KPalmer_Pic04    At the same time, Keke showed she was multi-talented by releasing her debut album, “So Uncool”, which contained the catchy single “Keep it Movin'” (you can watch it here:  She also performed in a few music videos, including a powerful role a young pregnant girl in the Mary J. Blige/Ludacris song “Runaway Love”



    Following these early successes, Keke did the rite of passage for all child stars by getting her own show on Nickelodeon (some go the Disney route, instead) with her 3-year stint as the lead character in “True Jackson”.  She also sang the theme song for the show.  At the same time, she became a fashionista by helping design a “True Jackson” clothing line for Walmart.

KPalmer_Pic02    Keke also exercised her philanthropic muscles by becoming an advocate for the Girl Scouts and YWCA, and by participating in several anti-bullying and anti-abuse campaigns.   Among the campaigns she has joined is ‘Save Our Daughters’, an anti-bullying effort that encourages people worldwide to take an oath to stand against bullying.


Keke and fellow “New 2 Tats” cutie, Lily Collins

     Keke’s most recent project is an extraordinarily high profile and challenging one.   She is portraying the one and only Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas in the VH1 biopic, “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story”, about the seminal female R&B group TLC.  Watching the movie, you need to remind yourself that it is not the real Chilli portraying herself.  Keke and Chilli could have been separated at birth, and Keke worked closely with her inspiration to get all the moves down.  Keke is also keeping her music passion going with several mixtape releases and plans to work on another full album.

KPalmer_Pic05    Of course, no feature would be complete without the body art, and Keke is quite an avid fan of tattoos.  Her first one that she proudly shows off is a quote from Aristotle on the inside of her left bicep.  It reads “we are what we repeatedly do.  excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”

KPalmer_Tat05KPalmer_Tat01KPalmer_Tat04    Another tattoo is a quote “don’t cast thy pearls before swine”.  I’m not quite sure where it is located on her.  But, since she exclaimed on Twitter that she got a tattoo in the same spot that Demi Lovato did, I suspect it’s on one of her forearms.

KPalmer_Tat03    Finally, Keke has recently been spotted with two adorable interlocked heart outlines behind her right ear.


You can track Keke’s career on her official website:

You can also follow her on Twitter at:

Tattoos in the News: Even Your Grandparents are getting inked.

Washington-Post-LogoOne of the cooler stories I’ve read recently about the growing acceptance and influence of body art comes from this article in the Post Local section of the Washington Post

It’s fascinating to read stories, and see examples, of how older generations (generations that have historically been hostile towards tattoos) are now embracing this artistic form.  In some instances there may be life events (birth of a child, death of a close family member or friend) that inspires this change in attitude towards tattoos.  Other motivations could be that there is a sense of no longer needing to adhere to society’s obtuse standards on what is or is not appropriate now they have reached a certain age.

In the end, I think it’s just a case of more and more people of all generations realizing that tattoos are gaining greater acceptance, which makes it easier for them to participate in adorning their own personal canvasses with artwork that is both visually appealing and emotionally touching.  This trend will continue and there will be many more fascinating tales that will be told through the magic of body art.

Athlete Tattoo of the Day: Amanda Beard

ABeard_Pic01     The 1996 Olympic Summer Games were notable for many reasons.  First, the Summer Games has returned to the U.S. for the first time since Los Angeles in 1984. Second, it was the Centennial, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the modern Olympiad.  Third, there were some notable accomplishments, including runner Michael Johnson winning dual gold medals in the 200m and 400m races and the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics team winning the all around team Gold Medal for the first time in the event’s history.  Finally, we were introduced to a variety of endearing new personalities, including swimmer Amanda Beard.

ABeard_Pic07     Amanda, who was just 14 years old when she competed in the Atlanta Games, quickly wowed fans by securing a Gold Medal in the 4x100m medley relay and winning individual Silver Medals in the 100m and 200m breaststroke events.  She then proceeded to win the hearts of all spectators by her adorable antics on the medal platform, including clutching her ubiquitous teddy bear, Harold (strangely, as famous as that image is, I have been completely unsuccessful in finding it anywhere).

ABeard_Pic05     1996 was not a ‘flash in the pan’ moment for the young California swimmer.  It served notice that she would be a force for years to come on the international stage and in the Olympic Games.  True to form, Amanda competed again in Sydney in 2000, Athens in 2004 and Beijing in 2008.  1 Gold, 2 more Silvers a 1 Bronze joined her collection at those competitions.  She gained more medals (including 3 Golds) in international competition.

ABeard_Pic03    Outside of her competitive endeavors, Amanda embraced a modeling career.  Magazines such as FHM and Sports Illustrated, which are well known for featuring the athletic female form, sought out Amanda to pose in their pages.  In 2006, Amanda posed in the annual ‘Swimsuit Edition’ of Sports Illustrated.  One year later, she showed her comfort in showing off her body with a provocative nude spread in Playboy.

ABeard_Pic04     In addition to modeling, Amanda chose to stay close to the sporting arena when she joined Fox Sports’ “The Best Damn Sports Show Period” to cover major events, such as the Olympics.   More recently, she embarked on her greatest endeavor when she became a mother for the first time after giving birth to her son, Blaise Ray Brown, in 2009.

ABeard_Pic06    Despite her successes athletically, life has been anything but a leisurely swim in the pool for Amanda.  As a student in school, she struggled with a mild form of dyslexia.  However, it was when she became a big name that she endured her biggest battles.  While a collegiate swimmer at the University of Arizona, she dealt with bulimia nervosa, brought about by pressures to adhere to a body image and was not realistic.  This was due, in part, to some of her modeling photos being airbrushed in a such a way that is she felt compelled to match this artificial image in real life.  She ended up also fighting depression, self-mutilation and substance abuse.

    Amanda became a life success story, one worthy of imitating, because she faced down these problems and came out healthy on the other side.  More importantly, she didn’t face this struggle silently.  She knew her own experiences were ones that many other women have had to contend with, and she sought to help them by chronicling her life, highs and lows and, in her autobiography, “In the Water, They Can’t See You Cry”.

ABeard_Pic02      One thing that has been readily apparent over the years is Amanda’s love of body art.  She has quite a few tattoos, some with family meaning, others to signify important memories in her life.  One of her most notable tattoos is a set of three stars on her lower back.  Inside each star is an initial.  The initials are L, A, and T.  They represent Amanda and her sisters, Leah and Taryn.

ABeard_Tat02   On the upper part of her back, she has the symbol for Scorpio, which represents her birth sign (October 29th).  She has also recently been scene with 5-point star outline beneath the Scorpio symbol.

abeard_tat01abeard_tat06    Running down the inside of her right ankle is a script design that reads ‘Ray’ for her middle name.

ABeard_Tat03ABeard_Tat08    On the back of her left calf, she has another star design (can you tell she has a thing for stars?).  Then, on her right calf, she shows her most elaborate tattoo, a stunning, and detailed, wintry snowflake design she got while appearing on the hit reality series “L.A. Ink” (this would be Kat Von D’s tattoo show).

ABeard_Tat07ABeard_Tat05ABeard_Tat04 You can find out more about Amanda on her official website:

Of course, Amanda can also be found on Twitter at:

You can also see her revealing interview with fellow Olympic veteran, Amy Van Dyken, here:

And see her feature in Inked Magazine at this location:

Hottie Ink Update: Carly Booth and Lzzy Hale

Certainly, there is not much in common between sexy Scottish golfer, Carly Booth, and fierce Halestorm frontwoman, Lzzy Hale.  However, courtesy of photos they shared on their respective social media accounts, I have discovered additional ink (some new… some already known about, but lacking photos).

Carly Booth


   Carly Booth is the stunning young golfer who has already had a very successful career on the amateur and LPGA European Tour, all by the age of 21.  However, she achieved her first major mainstream recognition when she participated in ESPN The Magazine’s annual ‘Body Issue’, a collection of tasteful, nude photos of athletes of all shapes and sizes that celebrates the human form and promotes a healthy body image.  One thing noticeable about Carly’s photo set was a pretty script tattoo running down her right hip.  In interviews she revealed that she actually has 5 tattoos in total.  In my original feature (re-posted below), I featured three of them, as those were the only ones that could be found during research.

Original feature:

However, Carly continues to show pride in her athletic form and her body art when made this photo her Twitter profile pic

CBooth_TatUpdate01     Though I cannot determine what it says, the writing along her left torso is a wonderful tattoo for her.

Continue to follow Carly on Twitter at:

Lzzy Hale


    Lzzy Hale is the quintessential rocker ‘riot grrl’ who truly appreciates showing off her body art (after initially being shy about doing so) and her fierce attitude.  In her original feature (re-posted below), two nice designs along her left rib cage a torso (a diving bird and a design that looks to be a combination of a dream catcher and Halestorm’s logo) were visible:

   One of the ways Lzzy and Halestorm bond with their fans is through a shared love of body art, most notably the Halestorm logo.  Big time fans of Halestorm, who have chosen to get inked with that logo, will get featured by the band on its social media accounts.  Lzzy also joins in the fun with several of her own Halestorm logo tattoos.  The first new one I could find was on her upper back, just below her neck:

Lzzy_TatUpdate02   The next one was on her left hip.  She got this one to celebrate reaching 100,000 followers on Twitter, and promised her fans she would share it with them.  It’s a pretty cool design:

Lzzy_TatUpdate_01Continue to follow Lzzy on Twitter at: