Tattoos in Real Life: My Fourth Tattoo (Tattoo Convention Edition)

DC_TattooExpo_Logo     As I have only been a fan of tattoos for a little over two years, the opportunities for me to attend a tattoo convention have been very few.  I nearly overlooked this year’s DC Tattoo Expo.  However, courtesy of a good friend who knows of love of tattoos, and is a fan of my blog, I learned of it early enough to make plans to go.

4th_Tattoo_12     As this was the first tattoo convention I would be attending, I wanted to try to get tattooed there, if possible.  Since my regular artist, Danny Sebastian of Raw Ink, would not be attending the show, I needed to find an artist at the show that met two criteria:  1.)  They had a portfolio of designs that was in line with the types of colorful, symbolic tattoos I like, and 2.)  They actually had available slots on the day I went.

     I saw a number of great artists, from all over the country, showing off their work (including the wonderful charity tattoo organization Tattoos Cure Cancer).  However, most of them were booked through the end of the day, or did not have styles I liked.  Finally, I came across the booth for Twysted Imagez Tattoo Studio.  Yes, the acronym is T.I.T.S. (‘tats from T.I.T.S.’?   awesome).

4th_Tattoo_01     One of their artists, Dre, who had just recently joined their studio, had an open slot available to bring my desire to have a Libra symbol (I was born in October) inked on my leg into reality. (I should add that I wanted this symbol to have some character to it, not look like a static Omega symbol with a bar underneath it)

4th_Tattoo_11     Dre came up with a nice design of a stylized Libra symbol that used multiple colors and shading to create a textured, three-dimensional tattoo.  As an added bonus, Twysted’s booth was set up right next to the stage where Expo’s tattoo competition was taking place.  So, I got to watch that while I was under the needle.

DC_TattooExpo_2014_021    Below are photos that show the progression of the tattoo experience (keeping with my long-stated policy of recording getting inked.  I believe this is as important as the final result, and encourage everyone to do it).



Dre applying the outline


First layer of color going in


First layer complete


Final layer of color being added


The finished product. Dre absolutely nailed it with giving me the kind of tattoo I was looking for.

Here are a few more photos of the finished product.

4th_Tattoo_064th_Tattoo_044th_Tattoo_04    It is only proper that it shares space on my right calf with my Celtic Shamrock tattoo.  The Shamrock is my absolute favorite tattoo and, now, my Libra tattoo is my second favorite.  As can happen with tattoos, my skin has kicked out some of the color.  In about a month’s time, I will return to the studio (located in Alexadria, VA) for a touch-up.

     It just feels great to have gone under the needle four times for tattoos and it have a 4-0 record with tattoos that I absolutely love.  Not one single regret.  I’m already thinking of what I will get next  :-D.

You can find out about Twysted Imagez at their website:



Olympic Tattoo Update: Shawn Johnson gets a second one


 SJohnsonUpdate_Pic01\      Since the end of her competitive Olympic days, gymnastics sweetheart Shawn Johnson has managed to keep quite busy.  She is a student at Vanderbilt University, and has competed twice on “Dancing With the Stars”, winning her main season and coming in second place during the All-Stars edition.  She has also been a health and fitness advocate, using her Twitter account to give diet and exercise tips to others, as well as encouragement to live a healthy lifestyle.


(Shawn with fellow tattooed gold medal gymnast, Carly Patterson)

    Shawn has always been coy about her appreciation for body art.  The 2008 silver medalist in women’s gymnastics engaged in the right of passage for many Olympic athletes and got herself a tattoo of the Olympic Rings (on her left hip).  However, with the exception of one photo shoot, and interview, where she specifically confirmed she had one (displayed it), it was has been hard to find any other references to her ink.


(Shawn with fellow tattooed Olympic sweetheart, Missy Franklin)

    More recently, Shawn has been spotted with a new piece of body art.  This time, it is a little quote running down her right forearm.  It reads, ‘Grace with Humility’, based on a Bible verse that she feels defines her life. I have not yet been able to find any up-close photos of this meaningful tattoo.  I can make it out from a distance in photos where that part of the arm is shown.  I was only able to confirm the existence of this tattoo through article written by a Penn State student, who saw Shawn speak of it (however shyly) when she visited the campus last fall).  Here are a couple photos showing her new ink:


Connect more with Shawn on her official website:

And, get your healthy tips and updates on her Twitter feed:

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Californication Edition): Addison Timlin

AddisonTimlin_Pic05     Addison Timlin is one of those actresses who managed to make the transition from child star to very revealing adult roles without looking like she was desperately trying to prove she was grown up.  Part that may be attributable to the fact that she took the hard-earned steps in acting, such as a stage performance, rather than being churned out by the child-starlet factories of Disney and Nickelodeon.

AddisonTimlin_Pic07     Addison’s acting passion began at the young age of 9, when she toured in a national production of the beloved musical “Annie”.  She performed every orphan role before securing the title role.  After “Annie”, she performed in “Gypsy” alongside Broadway legend Bernadette Peters.

AddisonTimlin_Pic06     Following her stage career, Addison made her major film debut in the 2005 film “Derailed” alongside Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston.  She portrays a young girl who is suffering from diabetes whose father’s life if spiraling out of control when he becomes the target of a long scam.  Following that film, Addison was in a few other minor roles on forgettable television shows, like “3 lbs.” and “Cashmere Mafia”, before landing the breakthrough role of a lifetime.

AddisonTimlin_Pic02     In the fourth season of the Showtime smash hit “Californication”, Addison assumes a role that is very much art imitating life, simultaneously.  She portrayed Sasha Bingham, a former sweetheart teen movie star who is making the leap to adult roles by taking the role of the illicit love interest of Hank Moody (David Duchovny) is the movie based on the book about Moody’s scandalous affair with Mia Lewis (Madeline Zima).  While this was shockingly adult for anyone who was familiar with her earlier work, Addison owned that performance.

AddisonTimlin_Pic01     Addison has also managed to carve out a little niche as a love interest in music videos.  The most notable of these was as ‘Juliet’ in the video for the We the Kings song “Check Yes Juliet”.  She portrays the potential love interest of the band’s lead singer (a guy who looks like he hasn’t showered in over two weeks).  She was also in The Shins video for “sleeping lessons”.

AddisonTimlin_Pic04    Addison is currently starring on the television series “Zero Hour”.  She also has several movies in the pipeline.  She will be starring alongside Zac Efron in the upcoming romantic comedy “That Awkward Moment”.  She will also be in current year films such as “Fallen” and “The Town That Dreaded Sundown”.

AddisonTimlin_Pic03     Addison loves tattoos.  She has numerous small script and symbolic tattoos on her body, mostly in the arm and wrist area.  I cannot make out the designs on all of them, but I do have photos of most, if not all of them.  Addison’s most visible tattoo on her left shoulder.  It reads “The Lost One”.

AddisonTimlin_Tat08AddisonTimlin_Tat01     You can also see that Addison has a script letter on the top of her left wrist and a symbol of some kind on the inside of the same wrist.  She has 4 dots along the outside of her right wrist and she has some more scripting running down her left forearm.

AddisonTimlin_Tat03AddisonTimlin_Tat06Running down her right forearm is a script tattoo that I believe reads “Live, Love”.


AddisonTimlin_Tat07She has also recently been spotted with a symbol on her right hand that looks like the letter J.

AddisonTimlin_Tat05AddisonTimlin_Tat04    Addison does not have any official or fan websites, but you can follow her on Twitter:

Tattoos in Real Life (Awesome Charity Edition): Tattoos Cure Cancer

TCC_02     During my trip to my first ever tattoo convention, the D.C. Tattoo Expo (from January 16-19, 2014), there were booths with tattoo artists and vendors from all over the country.  Most of the artists were also doing on-site tattooing for attendees (I even got a tattoo at the convention).  However, among all the booths, one really stood out.  It was the one for an organization called Tattoos Cure Cancer.

TCC_01    The founder of Tattoos Cure Cancer is Adam Guyot,  who runs Enternal Art Tattoo in Canyon Country, California.  Following the loss of his father to lung cancer in 2004, he became determined to fight back against this horrible disease, and use his talents to do so.  The result was Tattoos Cure Cancer.  Coming together with numerous tattoo artists in the Southern California area (including many from his own studio), Adam created an organization that does tattooing to raise money for the battle against cancer.

TCC_03     What is appealing about their charitable efforts is that proceeds made off tattooing (and corresponding merchandise sales) are not directed just to nebulous ‘awareness’ efforts.  The proceeds also go directly to cancer research and, most touching, to help alleviate the outsized expenses that families suffering from cancer frequently must endure.  At special events like the D.C. Tattoo Expo, 100% of the money generated from tattoos goes to these charitable efforts.

   Given how many people were waiting to get inked by these big-hearted artists, I was not able to go under the needle for this cause when I attended the Expo.  But, I have purchased a Tattoos Cure Cancer t-shirt, and I left to show determined to feature this group on my blog.  I plan to continue following their efforts, and I hope many of my readers will also contribute to these worthy cause.

You can go to their main website here:

You can follow their efforts on Twitter at:

You can also read this feature article about them in SugarBuzz Magazine:

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Sharknado Edition): Cassie Scerbo

CScerbo_Pic05     One of the great regrets of the past 12 months of my life is that I have not yet been able to watch the cinematic masterpiece known as “Sharknado”.  I find it shocking that a film starring such acting heavyweights as Ian Ziering and Tara Reid, and dealing with the very real threat of sharks causing havoc in urban environments after being deposited there by water spouts, has not run the table during awards season.

cscerbo_pic07    Ok…. while “Sharknado” is much more like to make the TV Movie Hall of Shame than to be remembered for anything fondly, it did introduce us to the young, incredibly attractive and tattooed actress, Cassie Scerbo.

cscerbo_pic06     Cassie is certainly no stranger to direct-to-video (or tv movie) cinema.  One of her earlier roles was in “Bring It On:  In It to Win It”.  If the title sounds familiar, it should.  This was the fourth installment of the “Bring It On” series.  Of course, the original, starring Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku, was the only one to be released in theaters (all the sequels were essentially the same film, just with a different cast).

CScerbo_Pic04    Miss Scerbo does seem to have a preference for energetic roles.  In “Bring It On”, she was obviously a cheerleader.  Before that, she spent two years as a member of one of the dance crews on the teen health-and-fitness series “Dance Revolution”.  More recently, she starred in the entire run of the ABC Family series “Make It or Break It”, where she portrayed a young, elite-level gymnast with aspirations of making the Olympics.

CScerbo_Pic02    Cassie has also dabbled in a singing career (before making her major ‘breakthrough’ in “Sharknado”).  While she was on the series “Dance Revolution”, the dance crew she was a member of was called Slumber Party Girls.  To cross-promote to show, the girls released an album of songs inspired by it.  While this did not instantly make any of them pop stars, Cassie is interested in continuing to pursue that path.

credit:  Sue Schneider - MGP Agency

credit: Sue Schneider – MGP Agency

   This athletic, natural disaster heroine plans to keep having fun with her acting roles.  She is returning to her “Sharknado” roots by starring in the next SyFy Channel epic “Bering Sea Beast” alongside Jonathan Lipnicki (you remember, the little kid from “Jerry Maguire”).  It should be fun to continue to follow her career.

CScerbo_Pic01      One of the great things about any young celebrity or athlete these days is that you can all but guarantee they will be sporting some nice body art.  Cassie Scerbo is no different.   She definitely has a lot of them.  Her most prominent tattoo adorns the back of her neck.  It is fancy script design that reads “I Breathe for You”.

CScerbo_Tat01     On the back of her right calf, she has a cute little heart design.

CScerbo_Tat04CScerbo_Tat05    Her remaining tattoos are numerous script designs on her feet, around her ankle, on her wrist and on her forearms.

(c) David Livingston)

(c) David Livingston)

CScerbo_Tat03You can find out more about Cassie on her fan site:

You can also follow her on Twitter at:

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (More “Love Actually” Edition): Martine McCutcheon

MartineM_Pic06     That wonderful 2003 British Christmas love note, “Love Actually”, has become one of the contemporary holiday favorites.  Even some cynics (myself included) are won over by its charm.  It has also been responsible for our introduction to the spectacular voice of “New 2 Tats” favorite, Olivia Olson.  Now, we get to meet another inked beauty from that film, Martine McCutcheon.

MartineM_Pic02    You may remember that Martine played Natalie, the winsome aide to the British Prime Minister (played by Hugh Grant) who harbored quite a crush on her nation’s leader.  Misunderstandings and revelations eventually led Natalie and the Prime Minister to realize exactly how they felt about one another in the most awkward, public and hilarious way.

MartineM_Pic07     Born in Hackney, East London, Martine is a multi-talented star of screen, stage and music.  She endured and extremely difficult childhood in which she and her mother were constantly on the run from her abusive father.  Eventually, her mother won full custody of Martine and got a restraining order against the girl’s father until she turned 18.  In the meantime, she remarried and Martine assumed her stepfather’s last name.

MartineM_Pic05    Individuals who have endured considerable stress and pain in their lives often find an outlet through which to channel their energy and emotions in the arts.  Martine was no different.  Knowing she wanted to be performer from a young age, she was able to persuade the Church of England trust to sponsor her to the Italia Conti stage school.  At age 12, she appeared in her first commercial (for Kool Aid).

MartineM_Pic03     Martine then began modeling before taking a role on that British rite-of-passage, the soap opera “East Enders”.  Her three-year run as Tiffany Raymond on the wildly popular serial was such a hit that 22 million viewers tuned in for her final episode on the show.  Her next step was a singing career, which led to several Top 10 hits on the UK pop charts.

MartineM_Pic04    Stage soon called, and Martine won a Laurence Olivier Award for her performance of Eliza Doolittle in the National Theatre production of “My Fair Lady”.  Then came her big breakthrough as Natalie in “Love Actually”.  While the movie’s success did not translate into an acting career in the U.S., she still remains popular with fans of the film.  More recently, she returned to her soapy roots on the show “Echo Beach”, while also continuing to pursue her musical ambitions.

MartineM_Pic01     For many years, Martine has been known to have the word “Angel” tattooed on her right ankle.

MartineM_Tat01MartineM_Tat02Recently, she expanded her ink collection to include a constellation of stars design on her right foot.

MartineM_Tat03MartineM_Tat04Martine does have an official website (although it appears to still be under construction):

You can also follow her on Twitter:

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (One Degree of Kevin Bacon Edition): Sosie Bacon

SBacon_Pic04     Each year, in preparation for the Golden Globe Awards, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association chooses its version of a grand marshal, which it calls ‘Miss Golden Globe’.  This honor is usually given to the daughter of a famous actor or actress (or acting couple).  The honoree is usually in her late teens, or early 20s, and is getting started in the industry.  In the past, such winners have been Dakota Johnson (daughter of Melanie Griffeth and Don Johnson), Francesca Eastwood (daughter of Clint Eastwood) and Lorraine Nicholson (daughter of Jack Nicholson).

SBacon_Pic02    For the upcoming 2014 Golden Globe Awards, the honoree is Sosie Bacon, the 21-year old daughter of stellar acting couple Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick.  Long recognized for being the model of how a Hollywood marriage can be stable and enduring, Sedgwick and Bacon largely shielded their children from the glare of the spotlight to give them a normal upbringing.

SBacon_Pic05     Until she was 17 years old, Sosie only had one acting credit.  It came in 2005, in the movie “Loverboy”, when she played they 10-year old version of the main character, who was played by her mother, Kyra.

SBacon_Pic03     Even after she turned 17, acting remained a family affair for Sosie.  She joined her mother’s award-winning TV series “The Closer” for a 4-episode story arc.  Later this year, Sosie will take on her first solo acting role in the film “Off Season”.  The adorable Sosie comes from good acting stock and has been raised right.  It should be refreshing to watch her career develop.

SBacon_Pic06While it is not probably not that big of a surprise to find out that Sosie has a tattoo (as so many young celebrities are getting inked these days) it may be surprising to learn that her mother probably had no issue with it, as Kyra Sedgwick has a few tattoos of her own.  Sosie’s tattoo is a pretty design of a tree bending in the wind.

SBacon_Tat01Sosie Bacon At current, there are no official websites or verifiable Twitter accounts linked to Sosie.  As her career grows, this will likely change.