Athlete Tattoo of the Day (More Awesome Olympic Ink Edition): Sarah Sjostrom

Sarahsjo_Pic05     The new tradition of Olympic athletes commemorating their momentous experience with body art continues to grow in new and inventive ways.  It’s a wonderful trend that should continue to blossom.  Swedish swimmer Sarah Sjostrom is the latest Olympian to adorn her body with amazing ink.

Sarahsjo_Pic06     Born in 1993, Sarah has been swimming her whole life.  She may as well have been born with gills and fins.  When she was just barely into her teens, Sarah was already making a major ‘splash’ (pun intended) in international, senior-level competition.

Sarahsjo_Pic04    She won a Gold Medal in the 100 meter butterfly in the 2008 European Aquatic Championships (when she was just 14).  The next year, at the 2009 World Aquatic Championships, she really signaled her arrival by breaking the world record in the 100 meter butterfly during the semifinals.  She went on to break her own record one race later when she won the Gold Medal.

Sarahsjo_Pic02    On the grandest stage at the Olympics, where she participated in the 2008 Beijing Games and 2012 London Games, she has not yet managed to medal (though she did get 4th place in her signature event, the 100 meter butterfly, in London).  However, it is just a matter of time until she does.  In a sport where longevity is rewarded, just look at Dara Torres winning Olympic medals at age 41, Sarah is sure to add some more bling to her already impressive international collection.

Sarahsjo_Pic03Sarahsjo_Pic01     Sarah took a creative approach to her Olympic body art.  She took the standard 5 Olympic Rings design and placed it against the backdrop of a weathered Swedish flag.  Tattooed on her right forearm, the result is astounding.

Sarahsjo_Tat03Sarahsjo_Tat01Sarahsjo_Tat04sarahsjo_tat02You can follow Sarah on Twitter at:


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