Athlete Tattoo of the Day (Hot Sports Reporter Edition): Jenn Brown

JennBrown_Pic01      A few years back, I stumbled an ESPN show called “Road Trip”, where two young sports reporting personalities traveled the country to cover athletic teams and traditions at numerous college campuses.  Those two personalities were Jonathan Drubner (a Lucas Black look-a-like) and the stunningly, yet elegantly, hot Jenn Brown.

JennBrown_Pic05     Unlike many female personalities who cover sports, Jenn Brown was not picked just to be eye candy.  Jenn possesses a mind that surpasses her beauty (given how beautiful she is, that is a considerable mind).  Jenn is a ‘Sunshine State’ girl who was born and raised in Gainesville, Florida.  Athletically and academically gifted, Jenn captained 5 different sports as a senior in high school, yet attended University of Florida (staying in Gainesville) on an academic scholarship.JennBrown_Pic02      As a Gator, Jenn played four years of softball, eventually becoming captain in senior year there, as well.  The academic excellence continued as she garnered numerous honors.  Among them were Academic All-American, SEC Honor Roll, Dean’s List and President’s List.  Oh, and for good measure, she graduated summa cum laude.  She was all set to go to law school and become a sports agent before her sports and entertainment career called.

JennBrown_Pic04    Obviously comfortable in her own skin, Jenn became the host of “Bikini Destinations” and “Wild Side” (similar to E!’s “Wild On” series) for the cable network HDNet.  She has also taken to modeling, including a great pictorial in Maxim Magazine and being featured in several Under Armour ads.

JennBrown_Pic03     To keep her passion for sports going, she eventually moved beyond puff-piece entertainment like “Road Trip”.  She has been a special reporter for HBO’s “Inside the NFL”, as well as covering boxing and MMA events.  Currently, she hosts “A Football Life”, “NFL Total Access” and “American Ninja Warrior”.  Jenn’s star is just beginning its ascent.  It will be fascinating to see how far it rises.

JennBrown_Pic06     Of course, it goes without saying, Jenn would not be here if she didn’t sport a little bit of body art.  In her Maxim photo shoot, she was revealed to have a nice sun symbol on her lower back.

JennBrown_Tat01You can find out more about Jenn on her official website:

She be found on Twitter at:


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