Athlete Tattoo of the Day (Daughter of “The Great One” Edition): Paulina Gretzky

PGretzky_Pic03      Being the offspring of the greatest hockey player ever put on a pair of skates (by a lot) cannot be easy.  Then, you add to that, a mother who is a Hollywood actress (who helped that greatest hockey player go from being just the most famous Canadian to a U.S. pop culture icon), and you can expect eyes will be on you as you grow up.


    Paulina Gretzky, daughter of NHL legend Wayne Gretzky, has had just such an upbringing.  She is the eldest child of Wayne and actress Janet Jones.  She has been ‘Hollywood’ her whole life.  She was born just 4 months after Wayne broke millions of Canadian hearts when he left the Edmonton Oilers to join the Los Angeles Kings.

PGretzky_Pic02    For most of her life, Paulina has flown under the radar as just another celebrity child.  She did cameo appearances in a couple of shows, like reality-show train wreck “Pretty Wild”, as well as a documentary on the life of her father.

PGretzky_Pic01     More recently, however, Paulina has begun to attract the attention of the tabloid media due to her tendency to post racy photos on Twitter and Instagram.  There really is nothing scandalous about her photos, as the stunning Paulina is a model who has shown more in commercial photo shoots than on social media.  However, tabloids love to gossip about the young and famous.

PGretzky_Pic04    The tabloid fodder has raised Paulina’s profile, but she is managing to lead a life that is simply not interesting enough for the reality show circuit, like the Kardashians…. and this is a good thing.  She is supportive of her father’s charitable endeavors and has recently gotten engaged to professional golfer Dustin Johnson (who very nearly won the 2011 British Open).

PGretzky_Pic07    Outside of her modeling, and nascent acting attempts, Paulina has also embarked on a vocal career.  She has recorded a CD for charity and has also had songs on shows such as “Laguna Beach”.  She is just starting to come into her own.  So, I suspect we will be seeing much more of Paulina as her profile grows.

PGretzky_Pic06     Young and famous are just two components of the celebrity equation these days.  The third (and most important) component is ‘inked’.  Paulina is definitely a fan of body art and has numerous cute, feminine tattoos.  Her first tattoo is a tribute to her father.  She has a block number of ’99’ (Wayne’s jersey #) along her bikini line.


(c) Steve Ginsburg/Maria Buda

(c) Steve Ginsburg/Maria Buda

(c) Steve Ginsburg/Maria Buda

Paulina has a nice feather design along her right upper torso.

(c) Steve Ginsburg/Maria Buda

(c) Steve Ginsburg/Maria Buda

On her upper left torso, she appears to have a little floral design.

(c) Steve Ginsburg/Maria Buda

(c) Steve Ginsburg/Maria Buda

On her back, she has some writing on her lower right back and has a small pair of wings on her upper back.


You can find out more about Paulina on her official website:

She can be found in the Twitterverse at:




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