Tattoos in Real Life (Awesome Charity Edition): Tattoos Cure Cancer

TCC_02     During my trip to my first ever tattoo convention, the D.C. Tattoo Expo (from January 16-19, 2014), there were booths with tattoo artists and vendors from all over the country.  Most of the artists were also doing on-site tattooing for attendees (I even got a tattoo at the convention).  However, among all the booths, one really stood out.  It was the one for an organization called Tattoos Cure Cancer.

TCC_01    The founder of Tattoos Cure Cancer is Adam Guyot,  who runs Enternal Art Tattoo in Canyon Country, California.  Following the loss of his father to lung cancer in 2004, he became determined to fight back against this horrible disease, and use his talents to do so.  The result was Tattoos Cure Cancer.  Coming together with numerous tattoo artists in the Southern California area (including many from his own studio), Adam created an organization that does tattooing to raise money for the battle against cancer.

TCC_03     What is appealing about their charitable efforts is that proceeds made off tattooing (and corresponding merchandise sales) are not directed just to nebulous ‘awareness’ efforts.  The proceeds also go directly to cancer research and, most touching, to help alleviate the outsized expenses that families suffering from cancer frequently must endure.  At special events like the D.C. Tattoo Expo, 100% of the money generated from tattoos goes to these charitable efforts.

   Given how many people were waiting to get inked by these big-hearted artists, I was not able to go under the needle for this cause when I attended the Expo.  But, I have purchased a Tattoos Cure Cancer t-shirt, and I left to show determined to feature this group on my blog.  I plan to continue following their efforts, and I hope many of my readers will also contribute to these worthy cause.

You can go to their main website here:

You can follow their efforts on Twitter at:

You can also read this feature article about them in SugarBuzz Magazine:


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