Olympic Tattoo Update: Shawn Johnson gets a second one


 SJohnsonUpdate_Pic01\      Since the end of her competitive Olympic days, gymnastics sweetheart Shawn Johnson has managed to keep quite busy.  She is a student at Vanderbilt University, and has competed twice on “Dancing With the Stars”, winning her main season and coming in second place during the All-Stars edition.  She has also been a health and fitness advocate, using her Twitter account to give diet and exercise tips to others, as well as encouragement to live a healthy lifestyle.


(Shawn with fellow tattooed gold medal gymnast, Carly Patterson)

    Shawn has always been coy about her appreciation for body art.  The 2008 silver medalist in women’s gymnastics engaged in the right of passage for many Olympic athletes and got herself a tattoo of the Olympic Rings (on her left hip).  However, with the exception of one photo shoot, and interview, where she specifically confirmed she had one (displayed it), it was has been hard to find any other references to her ink.


(Shawn with fellow tattooed Olympic sweetheart, Missy Franklin)

    More recently, Shawn has been spotted with a new piece of body art.  This time, it is a little quote running down her right forearm.  It reads, ‘Grace with Humility’, based on a Bible verse that she feels defines her life. I have not yet been able to find any up-close photos of this meaningful tattoo.  I can make it out from a distance in photos where that part of the arm is shown.  I was only able to confirm the existence of this tattoo through article written by a Penn State student, who saw Shawn speak of it (however shyly) when she visited the campus last fall).  Here are a couple photos showing her new ink:


Connect more with Shawn on her official website:  http://www.shawnjohnson.net/

And, get your healthy tips and updates on her Twitter feed:  https://twitter.com/ShawnJohnson


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