Tattoos in Real Life: My Fourth Tattoo (Tattoo Convention Edition)

DC_TattooExpo_Logo     As I have only been a fan of tattoos for a little over two years, the opportunities for me to attend a tattoo convention have been very few.  I nearly overlooked this year’s DC Tattoo Expo.  However, courtesy of a good friend who knows of love of tattoos, and is a fan of my blog, I learned of it early enough to make plans to go.

4th_Tattoo_12     As this was the first tattoo convention I would be attending, I wanted to try to get tattooed there, if possible.  Since my regular artist, Danny Sebastian of Raw Ink, would not be attending the show, I needed to find an artist at the show that met two criteria:  1.)  They had a portfolio of designs that was in line with the types of colorful, symbolic tattoos I like, and 2.)  They actually had available slots on the day I went.

     I saw a number of great artists, from all over the country, showing off their work (including the wonderful charity tattoo organization Tattoos Cure Cancer).  However, most of them were booked through the end of the day, or did not have styles I liked.  Finally, I came across the booth for Twysted Imagez Tattoo Studio.  Yes, the acronym is T.I.T.S. (‘tats from T.I.T.S.’?   awesome).

4th_Tattoo_01     One of their artists, Dre, who had just recently joined their studio, had an open slot available to bring my desire to have a Libra symbol (I was born in October) inked on my leg into reality. (I should add that I wanted this symbol to have some character to it, not look like a static Omega symbol with a bar underneath it)

4th_Tattoo_11     Dre came up with a nice design of a stylized Libra symbol that used multiple colors and shading to create a textured, three-dimensional tattoo.  As an added bonus, Twysted’s booth was set up right next to the stage where Expo’s tattoo competition was taking place.  So, I got to watch that while I was under the needle.

DC_TattooExpo_2014_021    Below are photos that show the progression of the tattoo experience (keeping with my long-stated policy of recording getting inked.  I believe this is as important as the final result, and encourage everyone to do it).



Dre applying the outline


First layer of color going in


First layer complete


Final layer of color being added


The finished product. Dre absolutely nailed it with giving me the kind of tattoo I was looking for.

Here are a few more photos of the finished product.

4th_Tattoo_064th_Tattoo_044th_Tattoo_04    It is only proper that it shares space on my right calf with my Celtic Shamrock tattoo.  The Shamrock is my absolute favorite tattoo and, now, my Libra tattoo is my second favorite.  As can happen with tattoos, my skin has kicked out some of the color.  In about a month’s time, I will return to the studio (located in Alexadria, VA) for a touch-up.

     It just feels great to have gone under the needle four times for tattoos and it have a 4-0 record with tattoos that I absolutely love.  Not one single regret.  I’m already thinking of what I will get next  :-D.

You can find out about Twysted Imagez at their website:



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