Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Canadian V-J Edition): Lauren Toyota

LToyota_Pic07    For well over a year I have been wanting to do a “New 2 Tats” feature on the impossibly adorable Canadian music reporter, Lauren Toyota.  Lauren frequently displays her beautiful avian tattoo on her right bicep when wearing any number of sleeveless tops.  However, Lauren, in interviews, mentioned having many other tattoos.  So, I opted to wait until I could find decent photos showing her other ink.  I was successful, and now I can finally feature Lauren.

LToyota_Pic04    I found out about Lauren Toyota, pretty much, by accident when I was researching to finding out if another Canadian musical cutie, Carly Rae Jepsen, had any tattoos.  There was a photo at an awards show with Justin Bieber receiving an award from someone who looked a lot like Jepsen.  Since she had been touring with Bieber that summer, I thought this was her and she was showing off some new ink.

LToyota_Pic05    I quickly learned it was not Carly Rae, but Lauren Toyota, a music V-J who was already quite well known in her native Canada, and was starting to get noticed in the U.S.


Here are Carly and Lauren together, proving they are not the same person.

   Lauren is one of the main music personalities in Canada, sort of a Carson Daly of the North.  For years, she has been working as a V-J on two of Canada’s most popular music networks, MuchMusic and MTV Canada.  She has hosted a number of shows on each of those networks and, currently, she is the lead on MuchMusic’s flagship show “New.Music.Live”.  She covers all the latest music news, top songs and videos, as well as getting high profile interviews with big names in the industry.


Lauren clowning around with her tattooed partner-in-crime from MTV Canada and MuchMusic, Phoebe Dykstra

   Lauren has grown up as a huge fan of iconic Canadian teen drama “Degrassi” (a show which counts Kevin Smith as an ardent supporter and was responsible for launching the careers of actress Nina Dobrev and rapper Drake).  She gets to do what every fan of a favorite show would dream of, cover it and be a guest star on it.  In 2012, she portrayed herself in an episode of “Degrassi”, and she has been hosting MTV Canada’s recap show “After Degrassi” (which is much like “Talking Dead” and “Talking Bad” are on AMC)


    In addition to being a mover-and-shaker in the music reporting world, Lauren also happens to be quite the fashionista.  If you follow any of her social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram), she is frequently modeling her latest outfits.  She really has an eye for fashion, as she has crafted a style that is sexy, hip and smart, all at the same time.


   Lauren is also a huge pet lover.  She is especially fond of her cat Snicklefritz.  She has even created a Twitter account for this loving feline (https://twitter.com/SnickleSays).  As MuchMusic and the shows on MTV Canada continue to get more attention in the U.S., Lauren’s star personality will continue to gain her more fans.


Lauren looking fierce at cardio boxing

    Lauren’s most famous tattoo is the bird (looks like an eagle) that is emblazoned on her upper right arm.  Unless she is in a freezing cold location, Lauren is always wearing tops that proudly shows this body art off.







While she has admitted to a love of tattoos, it has taken awhile to find good photos of some of her other ink.  Recently, some of her travel photos have her showing off a gorgeous lower back design.  It appears to be a dragon, or some other type of mythical creature.  You can also see another design just below her neck, though it is tough to make out what it is.



Lauren is right in the middle. You can see the telltale bird on her upper right arm


Recently, she has also added a cute arrow design to lower part of her right forearm.


You can find out more about Lauren on her official website:  http://laurentoyota.com/

You can follow her on Twitter at:  https://twitter.com/laurentoyota

You can follow Snicklefritz the Cat on Twitter, too:  https://twitter.com/SnickleSays


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