Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Nikki Reed

NikkiReed_Pic01    Actress Nikki Reed sure knew how to make a stunning first impression when she made her big screen debut (her first acting performance ever) at the age of 15 in the shocking drama about teens gone bad, “Thirteen” (starring with Evan Rachel Wood).

nikkireed_pic04     Directed by Catherine Hardwicke, “Thirteen” is the story of a relatively well-adjusted (but socially awkward) young teen girl, Tracy (played by Wood), whose life gets thrown all out of whack when she crosses paths with the wild and promiscuous Evie (played by Reed).  It’s sobering look at the terrible influences that may be beyond a parent’s control.  What is stunning about the film is not Reed’s powerful performance (which earned deserved raves), it was the fact that Reed wrote the movie, herself.  It was based on her own similar experience at that age (she says the ‘Tracy’ character is who she was in real life).  Nikki had served notice that she was a new powerhouse talent.

nikkireed_pic05     The critical success of “Thirteen” immediately opened many doors for Nikki.  Soon, she got cast in the skateboard film “Lords of Dogtown”, which was a fictionalized version of the documentary “Dogtown and Z-Boys”.  She followed that up with a role in “American Gun”, a poignant independent film about the impact of guns and gun violence on different segments of one community.

NikkiReed_Pic03     Nikki then got her hands on some saucier roles.  First, she landed a gig on the mid-2000’s guilty pleasure “The O.C.”.   Then, she had her next major lead performance in “Mini’s First Time”, an odd film about where she plays a painfully bored teen who tries to spice up her life with acts such as becoming a call girl and trying to have her mom committed to an insane asylum.

Twilight    In 2008, Nikki went into full blockbuster mode when she took the role of Rosalie Hale in the ‘tween film epic “Twilight” (a film series that is the bane of anyone beyond the ‘tween years in age).  [Thankfully, it also had another “New 2 Tats” beauty in it, in addition to Nikki.  That was Ashley Greene].  Nikki played Rosalie in all the sequels, as well.

© Vince Flores / AFF-USA.COM

© Vince Flores / AFF-USA.COM

Lest you think Nikki was an ‘all-work, no-play’ kind of girl, she also recently made some major moves in her personal life.  In 2011, she married her “American Idol” beau, Paul McDonald.  They met while Paul was in the middle the finals of “Idol”, where he finished 8th.  They soon became engaged and then walked down the aisle that October.  Staying in the family vein, Nikki also became godmother to the son of “Twilight” co-star, Jackson Rathbone, and was maid of honor at the wedding of “Spy Kids” Alexa Vega.

NikkiReed_Pic07     Nikki has been a fan of tattoos almost from the start of her acting career and has never been shy about showing them off.  The vast majority of her tattoos are in the Russian Cyrillic script.  I have been able to identify the meaning of some of them, but not the others.  Starting with the tattoos whose meaning I have not been able to discern, there is a Cyrillic script design on her inner left thigh (visible only when she’s wearing a bathing suit)

NikkiReed_Tat06     The other one I cannot identify is a cute design on the back of her neck.

NikkiReed_Tat04NikkiReed_Tat05    She also has Cyrillic script designs on her left wrist and her right rib cage.  The translation of design on the left wrist means ‘proper’.

NikkiReed_Tat02    On her rib cage, the tattoo translates to ‘must be something more’.

NikkiReed_Tat03NikkiReed_Tat01     Nikki rounds out her body art with a gesture to her husband.  She got his name, ‘Paul’ inked on her finger.  Paul reportedly had Nikki’s name inked on his finger.

NikkiReed_Tat07You can find Nikki’s official website here:  http://www.iamnikkireed.com/

You can follow her on Twitter at:  https://twitter.com/NikkiReed_I_Am


One thought on “Celebrity Tattoo of the Day: Nikki Reed

  1. Actually, on her left wrist there was a tattoo with the name of a russian actor. And its his surname. “Прилучный” 🙂

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