Hottie Ink Update: Malese Jow’s Second Tattoo

MaleseJow_Tat2_03    The very cute (and attractive) Malese Jow, who is known to younger audiences for her roles in “Bratz: The Movie” and the Nickelodeon teen sitcom “Unfabulous” (starring with Emma Roberts), is recognized by older audiences as one of the Facebook ‘groupies’ from “The Social Network” and as one of the leads in CW series “Star-Crossed”.

MaleseJow_Tat2_02    Back in 2011, Malese got her first tattoo, a script design that read ‘Que Sera Sera’ on her left wrist.  Malese was very excited about joining ‘Club Ink’ and took to YouTube to share her the inspiration for this body art with her fans:

Given how much she enjoyed getting her first tattoo, one knew it was only a matter of time before she went under the needle again.  Malese, who is also making a name for herself with many tasteful and elegant modeling photo shoots, did get her second tattoo at the end of 2012.

MaleseJow_Tat2_01    Malese’s new piece of body art is stunningly beautiful, detailed cross that runs from the back of her neck down to her upper back.  This type of realism is what all tattoo fans should strive to have from their ink.  Undoubtedly, Malese is also quite proud of this one.  She also continues to follow the practice (which I strongly encourage) of documenting the process of having the tattoo applied.

MaleseJow_Tat2_04You can continue to get your Malese Jow ‘fix’ on her fan site:

You can also follow her on Twitter at:



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