Hottie Ink Update: Ashley Greene Shows Off Tattoos #3 and #4

AGreeneTat3_Pic01    Stunning and elegant can definitely be over-used adjectives to describe a woman’s beauty.  I try to avoid using it too much in the ‘New 2 Tats’ features.  However, I confidently say those words always seem to accurately apply to actress Ashley Greene.


Greene’s love, and growing collection, of body art have already made her a favorite at ‘New 2 Tats’.   She has already had her own main feature, which showed off her adorable key tattoo behind her left ear.

AGreeneTat2   Ashley then had a tattoo update feature (along with Janel Parrish), to show off the script tattoo on the top of her left foot that reads ‘lifes a dream’ (which she got as a memento of her stay in New Orleans)

AGreeneTat3_Pic03    Ashley, who was first known for her role in the popular young-adult movie series “Twilight”, has continued to evolve her acting career, with roles in films like “CBGB” (about the famous underground Manhattan punk music venue) as well as three new films with release dates in 2014.  She has also built a strong modeling portfolio with a ubiquitous presence in print advertising, including a provocative series of ads for SoBe beverages, which ran in the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

While Ashley’s profile has continued to grow, so has her collection of body art.  Most recently, she has been spotted with two new wrist tattoos.  On her right wrist, there is a design of what appears to be an elephant.

AGreeneTat3_Tat04AGreeneTat3_Tat01On her outer part of her left wrist, Ashley has the word ‘Love’ etched in a script design on her body.

AGreeneTat3_Tat03AGreeneTat3_Tat02    Ashley will continue to be worth following as her career grows.  Her love of tattoos also all but guarantees she will be making more appearances on this blog.

Our friends at Coolspotters have a comprehensive collection of photos that capture glimpses of Ashley’s body art:   Coolspotters’ Ashley Greene Tattoo Gallery.

Of course, you can always follow Ashley on Twitter:


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