Hottie Ink Update (Not Wasting Any Time Edition): Ariana Grande’s Third Tattoo!

AGrande_3rdTat_Pic01     Singing sensation (and long-time Nickelodeon actress) has already been kind enough to share her love of body art with her fans, as she has photos and videos show her first two tattoos being applied:  A heart on the second toe on her right foot and the word “Mille tendresse” (‘a thousand tendernesses’) on the back of her neck.

AGrande_3rdTat_Pic02    Just a few days after she showed off the tattoo on the back of her neck, Ariana changed her profile picture on Twitter and Instagram and it seemed to show a new piece of ink appearing on her left rib cage.  It turns out it is another script tattoo.  This time, she tapped into her Italian heritage and had the word “bellissima” (‘very beautiful’) etched on her torso.  Ariana seems to love these small, feminine adorable tattoos.  So, I fully expect we will be seeing more updates in the future.

AGrande_3rdTat_Tat01AGrande_3rdTat_Tat02Continue to follow Ariana on Twitter at:

Catch up with her on Instagram at:


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