Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Renaissance Woman Edition): Sarai Givaty

SaraiG_Pic03   One only needs to read the list of professions that Israeli-born Sarai Givaty can claim in order to understand why she is a ‘renaissance’ woman.  Sarai is a singer-songwriter; she is a model; she is an actress; she happens to be an artist of some regard; and, she also happens to be quite the tattoo enthusiast.

SaraiG_Pic05    One of Sarai’s first attention-grabbing performances in the U.S. was in a two-episode story arc in the military crime procedural “NCIS”.  She portrayed Liat Tuvia, a Mossad agent (Israeli Intelligence) hired by director Eli David (Michael Nouri) to fill a void left by his daughter, Ziva David (Cote de Pablo), when Ziva left to the join the NCIS team.  Sarai more than held her own in these episodes.

SaraiG_Pic01    Sarai started her career in a night-time Israeli sketch show called “Kol Layla”.  She portrayed an American reporter and was well received enough to gain positive reviews from Israeli television critics, and she even continued the role after she moved the United States to take acting classes.

SaraiG_Pic04    Before getting her guest appearance on “NCIS”, Sarai also has a guest role as a Russia spy the pilot episode of short-lived Christian Slater action series “My Own Worst Enemy”.  Around that time, Sarai also scored her first major film role in the Stephen Dorff horror film, “The Passage”.  Far from being the typical slasher fare, “The Passage” was entered into the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival, where Sarai was lauded for her star-making performance.

SaraiG_Pic07    While Sarai continues to build her acting resume, she has also become an accomplished artist.  Using photography as her medium, and her upbringing in Israel as her inspiration, Sarai has developed a series of surreal and inventive photo sets with themes surrounding contemporary warfare, privacy, human rights and international security.  You can check out more of Sarai’s powerful work at her official artist website:  http://www.saraigivatyart.com/index.html

SaraiG_Pic06     Sarai is also involved in numerous modeling campaigns, and even has a singing career.  She is truly a ‘renaissance woman’.  Future acting projects have her starring in “Expendables 3”, alongside such heavyweight personalities as Sylvester Stallone, Harrison Ford, Wesley Snipes and, even, MMA a$$-kicker (and “New 2 Tats” hottie) Ronda Rousey.

SaraiG_Pic02   Now, for the really fun part:  Sarai’s body art.  Sarai makes no secret of her love of tattoos.  She will not accept the regrettable practice of photographers airbrushing ink out of photo shoots.  As a result, you get presented with a stunningly gorgeous model showing off her amazing ink.  One of Sarai’s most prominent tattoos is pretty flowery vine encircling her right ankle.

SaraiG_Tat02SaraiG_Tat04SaraiG_Tat03Sarai also proudly shows off an armband tattoo around her right bicep.

SaraiG_Tat01She also has a phrase of some kind (it might be written in Hebrew) on her left wrist.

SaraiG_Tat05Sarai also has a sexy design running along her lower back.

SaraiG_Tat06You can find out more about Sarai on her official website:  http://www.saraigivaty.com/

You can see more of her stunning art work here:  http://www.saraigivatyart.com/index.html

And, of course, you can follow her on Twitter at:  https://twitter.com/SARAIGIVATY



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