Happy 2nd Anniversary to “New 2 Tats”

2ndAnniversary_01This is a big day for “New 2 Tats”.  It is the 2nd Anniversary of this blog.  It is the second most important date in my tattoo life.  The first, of course, was January 12th, 2012:  the day I got my first tattoo.

Over the past two years, this labor of love has been tremendous fun to bring to all of you.  People love to talk about body art and, the more it gets de-stigmatized, the more people join the conversation.  I like to think this blog helps in that effort.

The past year has had its ups and downs, including a point where I was nearly driven to shut it down.  But, through your moral support, I have kept it going.  With more than 420,000 lifetime page views, I know I’m providing something valuable to the free marketplace of ideas.

Most recently, it was exciting to learn that People Magazine actually used one my own blog posts for one of its articles.  In the screen show below, you can see the link to my post highlighted in blue.


The People article can be read here:  http://www.people.com/article/angelina-jolie-johnny-depp-melanie-griffith-stars-remove-tattoos

My original post can be read here:  https://new2tats.wordpress.com/2013/07/27/the-first-commandment-of-getting-inked-never-get-your-significant-others-name-or-likeness-tattooed-on-you/

I look forward to continuing write for your for years to come.



Hottie Ink Update (Animated Tribute Edition): Olivia Olson



Back in 2012, I did a feature on the stunning actress and singer, Olivia Olson.  Then, after receiving a positive response from Olivia, herself (in which she told of more tattoos she had), I ran a follow-up feature.  Given Olivia’s obvious love of ink, it was only a matter of time before a new feature became necessary.


Olivia showing some love for PBR

If you need a refresher on the talented Olson, you only need to go back in time and dust off your copy of “Love Actually” (which, be honest, you watch every Christmas, anyway).  She sang an amazing rendition of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” at the climatic Christmas talent show.  It was amazing because the 11-year old Olivia was performing the powerhouse vocals herself, not lip syncing someone else’s voice.  Outside of that breakthrough role, Olivia provided the voices for Vanessa Doofenshmirtz in “Phineas and Ferb” and Marceline in “Adventure Time”.


“Love Actually” -era Olivia

Currently, she is continuing her voice work on those two animated series.  In addition, she throwing her efforts into her singing career (an obvious move for someone with such considerable vocal talent).  Just this past summer, she released an EP, “Beauty is Chaos”, which can be acquired here:  http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/oliviaolson.  Here’s hoping she becomes the big star she is destined to be.


Olivia showing off some of her earlier ink


Now, what everyone has been waiting for:  Olivia’s new tattoo!  I titled this feature the ‘Animated Tribute Edition’ because that is exactly that her new tattoo is all about.  On the lower part of her right wrist, she has a tattoo of a cartoon ax.  That is not some random design.  It is an image of the guitar her “Adventure Time” character, Marceline, plays.


Marceline and her ax guitar


Olivia showing off her ‘ax guitar’ tattoo while posing with her father, comedy writer, Martin Olson, on Father’s Day this year

Another view of Olivia's new tattoo

Another view of Olivia’s new tattoo

You can follow Olivia on Twitter at:  https://twitter.com/OliveOlson

You can see some of her fun photographs on Instagram:  http://instagram.com/oliviaroseolson   [Note:  she loves taking photos with her fans]


Tattoo Artist of the Day (Breast Cancer Survivor Edition): Vinnie Myers

VMyers_02As much as I love using this blog to feature the beauty and artistry of tattoos, I get greater satisfaction when I can feature how tattoos are being used to make life better for people.  When I attended the DC Tattoo Expo back in January, I came across Tattoos Cure Cancer, an organization to that uses the proceeds from tattooing to help defray the high expenses that cancer patients, and their families, endure.


Another such example of tattoos helping people is the work of tattoo artist, Vinnie Myers.  Vinnie runs a studio called “Little Vinnies Tattoos” in Finksburg, Maryland.  Several years ago, Vinnie started offering a service in his shop called 3-D nipple tattoos.  The clients were women who were recovering from the horrors of breast cancer, resulting in a single or double mastectomy.  While breast reconstruction can help rebuild that area on the body, the scars and lack of nipples remain a constant visual reminder of what those women suffered through.

VMyers_04   Vinnie’s work was able give these women authentic-looking nipples again.  The simple self-confidence boost that was able to be provided to someone recovering from breast cancer proved immeasurable, and immensely popular.  It quickly become the only type of work he had any time for with this incredible influx of appointment requests.  He was initially thinking about stopping that service until he was struck personally by his own sister coming down with breast cancer.  This extra motivation, and knowing what this service means to these women, let Vinnie know what his purpose was.  Women now travel from all over the country to seek this very valuable service.  You can read about one women’s journey here.

VMyers_05You can visit Vinnie’s website and see example of his reconstructive work here:  http://vinniemyers.com/home.html

Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Independent Actress Edition): Wyndoline ‘Wyni’ Landry

(Update: Wyni, herself, appreciated this tattoo feature.  She provided additional information about what her tattoo says and the artist who provided her with this artwork)

WyniL_Pic02    You may have noticed, over the course of this blog’s existence, that I do like to feature lesser known, up and coming actors, actresses and athletes (One only needs to see our support for Miriam Pultro to recognize that).  I like to shed light on their efforts to make it big, as well as their love of ink.  One actress who fits this mold is Wyndoline Landry, better known as Wyni.

WyniL_Pic04Wyni is probably best known to audiences for her memorable appearance in a DirecTV commercial (back when DirecTV made good commercials, not these creepy ‘no wires’ ones).  She was the amusing rebellious daughter in the “Don’t get a Grandson with a Dog Collar” commercial by DirecTV.  You can see it here:

WyniL_Pic03Born in New York City, Wyni went west to attend the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts.  Many of her talented performances are available on Youtube and Vimeo, including some hip hop dancing and singing.

WyniL_Pic06Cutting her teeth the way any independent actor or actress does, Wyni has developed and starred in her on web series.  It is called G.I.A. (Girls Intelligence Agency), where she and two friends become gold jumpsuit-clad crime fighters.  You can watch episodes, see interviews and view photos of G.I.A. at its official website:  http://www.gia.glimmertv.com/

WyniL_Pic05In addition to having her own web series, Wyni has been getting cameo/guest roles in higher profile shows.  She has been on MTV’s hit “Awkward”, as well as the shows “Switched at Birth” and “Trophy Wife”.  She’s paying her dues and I expect we will be hearing a lot more from her in the future.

WyniL_Pic01Wyni does seem to be a fan of tattoos.  She does have a cute script tattoo of some meaningful quote on her left forearm.  You can see photos of it here.  It has three separate lines written in the artist’s handwriting.  The artist is Matthew Mattison of The Little Tattoo Shoppe.  The lines are:  Wyni’s middle name, “Thera; Wild Unmastered One; and Lindomptable.”

WyniL_Tat03WyniL_Tat02WyniL_Tat01Wyni does not currently have a Twitter account

Fortunately, she does have some social media presence, courtesy of Instagram.  You can find Wyni at  http://instagram.com/letoomuch


MaximHot100_2014It is that time of year again, not just when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of love, but also when Maxim Magazine graces the screens and mailboxes of hot-blooded celebrity fans with its annual Hot 100 Sexiest Women edition.  You read Maxim’s full feature online here:  http://www.maxim.com/hot100/2014.

One of the enjoyable aspects of the Hot 100 list is that it gives “New 2 Tats” a chance to pay special attention to those beauties who have embraced to wonderful world of permanent body art.

The 2012 list came out a month before I first launched this blog.  So, 2013 was the first chance to run a feature like this.  In 2013, the “New 2 Tats” article was able to highlight 15 lovely ladies who had been featured on this blog for proudly showing how attractive and fitting tattoos can be.

As the 2014 list arrived, I was convinced that there would be more than 15 to feature this time.  Alas, the number has dropped to 14.  5 of the women featured last year did not make Maxim’s list for 2014, and this year’s list ended up adding only 4 new names.  So, to start, we will briefly remember the 2013 hotties who were not selected by Maxim for 2014:

Now, here is the summary of the “New 2 Tats” hotties who are on the 2014 Maxim Hot 100 list (their ranking from 2013 will be in parentheses):

  • #78: Anna Paquin (Unranked)
  • #70: Kacey Musgraves (Unranked)
  • #61: Amber Heard (Unranked)
  • #59: Arianny Celeste (#18)
  • #42: Ronda Rousey (#29)
  • #33: Ashley Tisdale (#7)
  • #31: Lea Michelle (#39)
  • #29: Zoe Saldana (#38)
  • #28: Vanessa Hudgens (#9)
  • #27: Emma Stone (#21)
  • #26: Hayden Panettiere (unranked)
  • #24: Charlize Theron (#31)
  • #20: Kaley Cuoco (#32)
  • #19: Selena Gomez (#2)

Now, for a refresher on how these ladies made wearing ink look so good:

#78:  Anna Paquin:  The former child star and “X-Men” film regular has been taking hot to nuclear levels throughout her run on “True Blood.”

#70:  Kacey MusgravesThis rising country singer has been a bright star in 2014, with numerous Grammy Award victories.
KaceyMus_Tat01#61: Amber HeardThis stunning beauty (and Johnny Depp’s main squeeze) has been a Maxim favorite for years, and is now on their Hot 100 list.
A_Heard_Tat04#59:  Arianny CelesteThis UFC ‘Octagon Girl’ continues raise her profile in modeling.
ACeleste_Tat03#42:  Ronda RouseyUFC’s top a$$-kicker has had a monster year.  She has already defended her UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship twice in the past 5 months (including winning the main event match at UFC 170) and is slated to fight again in July.
RRousey_Pic06#33:  Ashley Tisdale:  This former “High School Musical” hottie has continued to further her singing career in 2014.
TisdaleTat3# 29:  Lea MichelleThe “Glee” queen bee, who is most responsible for showing it’s ok for ‘good girls’ to have lots of tattoos, launched her debut pop album in 2014.
Lea_Mich_Tat_10#29:  Zoe SaldanaFast becoming a sci-fi fan favorite, Zoe has recently starred in the sequel film of the rebooted “Star Trek” franchise, is wrapping up work on Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” and is currently working on the sequel to the all-time box office champion “Avatar.”
ZSalTat2#28:  Vanessa HudgensThe former star of “High School Musical”, BFF of Ashley Tisdale and butterfly-obsessed beauty has continued to work on her acting and singing careers in 2014.
VHudgTat1#27:  Emma Stone:  The textbook definition of the ‘sexy tomboy’, Emma has been having a good time being Spiderman’s lady, both on-screen and off.
EmmaTat3'#26:  Hayden PanettiereThe famous ‘indestructible cheerleader’ from “Heroes” has now become a country music vixen on the hit show “Nashville”.  She is also excitedly looking forward to motherhood with her fiance’, boxing heavyweight champion, Wladimir Klitschko.
HaydenP_Pic06#24:  Charlize Theron:  This throwback to the screen goddesses of Hollywood’s golden era has had a productive 2014 and will soon be starring in a new “Mad Max” movie.
CharlizeTTat6#20:  Kaley Cuoco:  The fan-boy’s dream from “Big Bang Theory” has recently celebrated getting married and has continued to make amusing “Priceline” commercials with William Shatner.
KaleyC_Pic1#19:  Selena GomezA rough start to the year hasn’t stopped Selena from continuing to shine, courtesy of her debut solo album.  Here’s hoping the rest of 2014 is a good one for her.  She remains our #1 at “New 2 Tats.”
SelenaTat2_01While it is a little disappointing that there aren’t as many stars to feature from this year’s Maxim Hot 100 list, I firmly believe that there are many who have been featured on “New 2 Tats” who are on the cusp of making this list.  In addition, there are others who made the 2014 list who should be getting their own “New 2 Tats” feature soon (such as Demi Lovato).