Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Independent Actress Edition): Wyndoline ‘Wyni’ Landry

(Update: Wyni, herself, appreciated this tattoo feature.  She provided additional information about what her tattoo says and the artist who provided her with this artwork)

WyniL_Pic02    You may have noticed, over the course of this blog’s existence, that I do like to feature lesser known, up and coming actors, actresses and athletes (One only needs to see our support for Miriam Pultro to recognize that).  I like to shed light on their efforts to make it big, as well as their love of ink.  One actress who fits this mold is Wyndoline Landry, better known as Wyni.

WyniL_Pic04Wyni is probably best known to audiences for her memorable appearance in a DirecTV commercial (back when DirecTV made good commercials, not these creepy ‘no wires’ ones).  She was the amusing rebellious daughter in the “Don’t get a Grandson with a Dog Collar” commercial by DirecTV.  You can see it here:

WyniL_Pic03Born in New York City, Wyni went west to attend the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts.  Many of her talented performances are available on Youtube and Vimeo, including some hip hop dancing and singing.

WyniL_Pic06Cutting her teeth the way any independent actor or actress does, Wyni has developed and starred in her on web series.  It is called G.I.A. (Girls Intelligence Agency), where she and two friends become gold jumpsuit-clad crime fighters.  You can watch episodes, see interviews and view photos of G.I.A. at its official website:  http://www.gia.glimmertv.com/

WyniL_Pic05In addition to having her own web series, Wyni has been getting cameo/guest roles in higher profile shows.  She has been on MTV’s hit “Awkward”, as well as the shows “Switched at Birth” and “Trophy Wife”.  She’s paying her dues and I expect we will be hearing a lot more from her in the future.

WyniL_Pic01Wyni does seem to be a fan of tattoos.  She does have a cute script tattoo of some meaningful quote on her left forearm.  You can see photos of it here.  It has three separate lines written in the artist’s handwriting.  The artist is Matthew Mattison of The Little Tattoo Shoppe.  The lines are:  Wyni’s middle name, “Thera; Wild Unmastered One; and Lindomptable.”

WyniL_Tat03WyniL_Tat02WyniL_Tat01Wyni does not currently have a Twitter account

Fortunately, she does have some social media presence, courtesy of Instagram.  You can find Wyni at  http://instagram.com/letoomuch


4 thoughts on “Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Independent Actress Edition): Wyndoline ‘Wyni’ Landry

  1. New2Tats I feel so honored to have been featured in this tattoo article and post!! This is so Rad!! I don’t have a twitter account yet, but I do have a facebook and a FB Artist page that I will be updating soon. You guys can follow me on FB by looking up Wyndoline Landry or Wyni Landry.
    Also by following me on Instagram @letoomuch… (quick side story, the Insta name was an on going inside joke with a friend I back packed with through Europe… basically meaning THE too much!!)
    I got my tattoo done by Matthew Mattison in Portland Oregon, at
    “The Little Tattoo Shoppe”
    The handwriting is Matthew’s beautiful natural cursive calligraphy. It’s my middle name,
    Wild Unmastered One
    Thanks again for the post guys, and thanks for liking my tattoo:)

  2. Wyni.. I’m glad you like your tattoo feature. Thank you for giving the details on the artwork, and even the humorous backstory on your Instagram account name. Looking forward to see your career continue to grow and, should you get anymore body art, drop a line (https://twitter.com/New2Tats) and I’d be glad to do a follow-up feature.

    • Thanks new2tats!! I really appreciate it!! Yes for sure:) Also I’ll let you know if I decide to add anymore Body Art…I have some ideas so I’ll keep you notified.
      Also I’m sharing your blog on my FaceBook page along with Instagram!!

      Stay tuned, I’m about to create a youtube channel, one for sharing songs me and my Dad are working on, along with another comedy youtube channel me and my friend are creating.;)

      I want to give a shout out to my friend, Eden Sher, from, “The Middle.” I saw you did a post on her:) We went to CHAMPS art high school together, and shot an episode of The OC together a few years back. I’m so proud of her and I love her presence on “The Middle” XOXO

      Thanks again guys for all your support!!


      • That’s cool about you going to high school with Eden. She’s doing really good things on “The Middle”.

        One of things I like doing with this blog is to provide promotion and publicity for up and coming talents using the medium of tattoos, a subject everyone is interested in.

        When both your Youtube channels go live, I’ll be happy to include them here 🙂

        Wishing you continued success,

        New 2 Tats

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