Tattoo Artist of the Day (Breast Cancer Survivor Edition): Vinnie Myers

VMyers_02As much as I love using this blog to feature the beauty and artistry of tattoos, I get greater satisfaction when I can feature how tattoos are being used to make life better for people.  When I attended the DC Tattoo Expo back in January, I came across Tattoos Cure Cancer, an organization to that uses the proceeds from tattooing to help defray the high expenses that cancer patients, and their families, endure.


Another such example of tattoos helping people is the work of tattoo artist, Vinnie Myers.  Vinnie runs a studio called “Little Vinnies Tattoos” in Finksburg, Maryland.  Several years ago, Vinnie started offering a service in his shop called 3-D nipple tattoos.  The clients were women who were recovering from the horrors of breast cancer, resulting in a single or double mastectomy.  While breast reconstruction can help rebuild that area on the body, the scars and lack of nipples remain a constant visual reminder of what those women suffered through.

VMyers_04   Vinnie’s work was able give these women authentic-looking nipples again.  The simple self-confidence boost that was able to be provided to someone recovering from breast cancer proved immeasurable, and immensely popular.  It quickly become the only type of work he had any time for with this incredible influx of appointment requests.  He was initially thinking about stopping that service until he was struck personally by his own sister coming down with breast cancer.  This extra motivation, and knowing what this service means to these women, let Vinnie know what his purpose was.  Women now travel from all over the country to seek this very valuable service.  You can read about one women’s journey here.

VMyers_05You can visit Vinnie’s website and see example of his reconstructive work here:


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