Hottie Ink Update (Animated Tribute Edition): Olivia Olson



Back in 2012, I did a feature on the stunning actress and singer, Olivia Olson.  Then, after receiving a positive response from Olivia, herself (in which she told of more tattoos she had), I ran a follow-up feature.  Given Olivia’s obvious love of ink, it was only a matter of time before a new feature became necessary.


Olivia showing some love for PBR

If you need a refresher on the talented Olson, you only need to go back in time and dust off your copy of “Love Actually” (which, be honest, you watch every Christmas, anyway).  She sang an amazing rendition of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” at the climatic Christmas talent show.  It was amazing because the 11-year old Olivia was performing the powerhouse vocals herself, not lip syncing someone else’s voice.  Outside of that breakthrough role, Olivia provided the voices for Vanessa Doofenshmirtz in “Phineas and Ferb” and Marceline in “Adventure Time”.


“Love Actually” -era Olivia

Currently, she is continuing her voice work on those two animated series.  In addition, she throwing her efforts into her singing career (an obvious move for someone with such considerable vocal talent).  Just this past summer, she released an EP, “Beauty is Chaos”, which can be acquired here:  Here’s hoping she becomes the big star she is destined to be.


Olivia showing off some of her earlier ink


Now, what everyone has been waiting for:  Olivia’s new tattoo!  I titled this feature the ‘Animated Tribute Edition’ because that is exactly that her new tattoo is all about.  On the lower part of her right wrist, she has a tattoo of a cartoon ax.  That is not some random design.  It is an image of the guitar her “Adventure Time” character, Marceline, plays.


Marceline and her ax guitar


Olivia showing off her ‘ax guitar’ tattoo while posing with her father, comedy writer, Martin Olson, on Father’s Day this year

Another view of Olivia's new tattoo

Another view of Olivia’s new tattoo

You can follow Olivia on Twitter at:

You can see some of her fun photographs on Instagram:   [Note:  she loves taking photos with her fans]



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