Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Swimsuit Edition…..Edition): Jessica Gomes

JGomes_Pic05    The annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition has always been one of the most popular publications released.  While courting some controversy due to the Swimsuit Edition’s very existence, it has also been a “who’s who” of the modeling industry.  Famous names such as Cheryl Tiegs, Kathy Ireland, Tyra Banks and Marissa Miller have graced the cover in past years.  Sports Illustrated has also featured wonderful athletes such as Jennie Finch, Clair Bidez and Maria Sharapova.


credit: Sports Illustrated

In addition to the famous names that Sports Illustrated gets to be on the cover, the magazine also has a series of regular models who appear each year in this edition.  One of the more notable models from recent years has been the Australian-born hottie, Jessica Gomes.


credit: Sports Illustrated

In 2008, Jessica made her debut on the pages of the Swimsuit Edition as a group on new models known as the ‘rookies’.  Her exotic look (she is of Portuguese-Chinese heritage) struck a chord with subscribers and the SI editors.  Starting with her debut, Jessica has appeared in every annual issue since.


Jessica Gomes palling around with fellow inked Aussie hottie, Jessica Mauboy.

While the exact location of this Australian’s birth is subject to some dispute (both Perth and Sydney have been cited), Jessica did grow up in the rural settings of the province of Western Australia.  When she turned 13, her mother saw fit to enroll Jessica in modeling classes at the Linda-Ann Modeling Academy near Perth.  Soon, she entered a modeling contest and her career took off from there.


In 2004, Gomes was signed by the prestigious world-wide modeling agency, IMG Models.  While the runways of Paris and Milan would seem to be the likely destination for a top model, Jessica has chosen to focus her work in a variety of Asian markets.  She is very popular in South Korea, where she did campaigns for Hyundai and LG Phones, and appeared on their version of “Dancing with the Stars” (she finished 3rd).  In print work, Jessica has appeared in Vogue, Glamour and Victoria’s Secret (in addition to her notable work for Sports Illustrated).  Jessica has even been the covergirl for Maxim magazine.


In addition to some of her more conventional modeling work, Jessica’s popularity in the hip-hop community has led to other opportunities for publicity.  She has been the voice that announces Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group at the start of everyone of their songs, and she has been mentioned in a song by Kanye.  She is also the face of the Diddy’s perfume collaboration with Estee’ Lauder, called “Unforgivable” by Sean John.

    On top of breaking through ceiling for multi-racial models (which, unfortunately, still exists), Jessica is also a representative for the growing acceptance of body art.  Even though some photo sets still airbrush her tattoos out of the pictures, more are starting to let Jessica proudly show off her body art.  She has the word “Love” inscribed on her right wrist.  On the outer part of her left forearm she has her parents’ names inscribed.

JGomes_Tat04JGomes_Tat01JGomes_Tat03JGomes_Tat02JGomes_Tat05You can find out more about Jessica on her official website:  http://jessoffduty.com/

For your social media fix, go here:

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/iamjessicagomes

Instagram:  http://instagram.com/iamjessicagomes


Hottie Ink Update: Selena Gomez gets Tattoo #4 !!

SelenaCover    It goes without saying that Selena Gomez is a huge favorite of “New 2 Tats”.  Each tattoo she gets is wonderfully feminine and fits her perfectly.  Midway through what has been a very trying year for Selena (including a short stay in rehab, continued off-and-on relationship with Justin Bieber, getting unnecessarily over-analyzed in the media and just the overall growing pains of a young woman still working to define who she is), she chose to treat herself to her FOURTH tattoo!  Before we show her new ink, lets recap her body art so far:

Tattoo # 1:  Music Note on her right wrist (which represents her true passion).

SelenaTat3Tattoo # 2:  Roman Numeral LXXVI (76) on the back of her neck [Represents the year of her mother’s birth].

SelenaTat2_01Tattoo # 3:  The quote “Jesus Strengthens Me” along her right hip (It is a reference to the Biblical verse Philippians 4:13)

Selena_Tat3_02Now, for the grand reveal of Selena’s new tattoo, which only appeared on her Instagram account today (though she apparently has had it for about a month).

SelenaG_Tat04_Tat01Along Selena’s right rib cage, and running partway across her back, is an Arabic phrase that means, “Love Yourself First”.  No doubt this has significant meaning to a woman learning the importance of her inner strength and confidence.  Of course, Selena doesn’t let anyone put a needle her to skin other than ‘tattoo artist the to stars’, Bang Bang.


Here’s hoping this means that ONLY Bang Bang will do her body art… and not that tattoo # 4 is her last one.

Continued to see what Selena is up to on social media:

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/selenagomez

Instagram:  http://instagram.com/selenagomez


Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Girl Code Edition): Carly Aquilino

CarlyAq_Pic07    Perhaps you have watched MTV lately and come across a show featuring a woman with bright red hair, an incredible half-sleeve tattoo, and an interesting view on the battle of the sexes.  That woman would be comedian Carly Aquilino and the show is “Girl Code”

CarlyAq_Pic03    MTV had originally run a comedy show called “Guy Code” that was play on the noted, but unwritten, ‘man laws’ regarding the code of conduct among guys (hilariously portrayed in a series of Miller Lite commercials several years earlier).  Of course, the success of “Guy Code” made it clear that a companion series for the ladies would be needed.  So, MTV rounded up a group top-notch female comedians and launched “Girl Code”.

CarlyAq_Pic04     Carly had been a stand-up comedian for about a year before “Girl Code” came along.  The native New Yorker made the bold step to grab the mic at the Gotham Comedy Club.  The rest, they say, is history.  It has been a bright red history among some of the more entertaining comedians around.

CarlyAq_Pic05    As you can see, Carly hasn’t always looked like Hayley Williams’ more devilish cousin.  She says the red hair happened when she worked as a shampoo girl at a local hair salon.  One day, she was messing around with the different hair colors and stumbled across the bright red hue.  She loved it and has gone with it ever since.  She was 18 when she discovered that style.  So, with it having been a part of who she was for so long, she didn’t realize how much of a distinctive trademark it was until people started noticing it, and positively commenting on it, because of “Girl Code”.

CarlyAq_Pic06     If you follow Carly on Twitter or Instagram (whose links will be posted below), you find she is naturally funny (in a great sarcastic manner).  You will usually find her hanging out with her partner-in-crime, and fellow “Girl Code” comedian, Jessimae Peluso, and behaving naughtily with another “Girl Code-r”, Nicole Byer.  While Carly met most of the comedians on “Girl Code”, she Jessimae were friends from the comedy circuit before then.

CarlyAq_Pic02     It’s still early in Carly’s career, but “Girl Code” has been picked up for a third season.  Her popularity on that show, and on the stand-up circuit, will keep her stature growing.

CarlyAq_Pic01     One thing that is quite clear about Carly is how much she loves tattoos.  Her most noticeable one is her very colorful, and exquisitely designed, half sleeve on her left arm.  In an interview with Inked Magazine, she described how it started out just as lotus flower and then grew into a much more profound design.  I love this tattoo, so quite of a few images of it are going to be shown below.


Carly posing with her fellow inked BFF, Jessimae Peluso



In this photo, Carly shows a series of star the run from her hip up her right side (she said she got her first tattoo, which read “La Vita e Bella” on her hip at age 14.  Her parents were actually pretty cool with it).  You can also see a little design of some kind just underneath her armpit.

CarlyAq_Tat07CarlyAq_Tat06     Proving that ink is a family passion, Carly’s most recent tattoo is a little wishbone along her left wrist, tattooed on by her brother, Michael.  Michael is an aspiring tattoo artist who has just opened his own studio.

CarlyAq_Tat10Carly has no official website, but you can follow her on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/carlyaquilino

and Instagram:  http://instagram.com/carlyaquilino

Athlete Tattoo of the Day (2014 ESPN Body Issue Surfer Edition): Coco Ho

Coco_Ho_Pic07    Each year, when “ESPN The Magazine” releases its popular “Body Issue”, controversy ensues.  Some people have problems with what they claim is the ‘objectification’ of the nude body.  Others have issues with some of the selections for the “Body Issue” (this year, there was much debate about the inclusion of Prince Fielder).  The point that gets missed in each of these complaints is that the “Body Issue” is not about lasciviousness.  It is about showing the beauty of the human form in all shapes and sizes.  It helps to debunk the myths about ‘body type’ that popular culture tries to keep afloat.

(credit:  ESPN)

(credit: ESPN)

One way that the “Body Issues” helps debunk these myths is by showing athletes proudly showing off their body art.  There is no one ‘type’ of person who gets tattoos in this day and age.  All ‘types’ of people enjoy getting inked.  The “Body Issue” helps illustrated this.  In the 2014 issue, one of the featured athletes is the beautiful Hawaiian surfer, Coco Ho.


Coco becoming a world-class professional surfer has pretty much been her birthright.  ‘Hanging ten’ has been a family tradition.  Her father, Michael Ho, won the Hawaiian Triple Crown of surfing back in 1982 (Duke Classic, World Cup and Pipe Masters).  Her uncle, Derek Ho, won the World Surfing Championship in 1993.  Even her older brother, Mason Ho, has been a champion at the junior level.  On top of all this, Coco and her family are also related to famous singer, Don Ho (of “Tiny Bubbles” fame).

Coco_Ho_Pic04     With that kind of family background, it would come us no surprise that Coco started surfing at the young age of 7.  Just a year later, at 8 years old, she secured her first surfing sponsorship.  When she was 11, she made her acting debut in popular surfing film “Blue Crush”.  She portrayed the main character, Anne Marie (played as an adult by Kate Bosworth), as a child.  When she turned 17, Coco qualified for the high-end Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Women’s World Championship Tour.

Coco_Ho_Pic01    Currently ranked the #7 female surfer in the world, Coco has accrued numerous victories on the waves.  Before she joined the ASP Tour in 2009, she won events like the Open Women’s Regional Hawaii and the Hawaii Billabong Junior.  She is a ‘Rookie of the Year’ twice over:  winning it once on the Triple Crown Tour and then again on the ASP Tour.  As a professional, she has won the Maresia Girls International, the World Qualifying and Los Cabos Open of Surf (among others).  Coco has also, regularly, been in the top 3 of Surfer Magazine’s most popular surfers poll.

Coco_Ho_Pic02     In her interview for the ESPN “Body Issue”, which can watched here, Coco describes how she totally fell in love with surfing when her dad took her to the waves when she was in the third grade.  When Coco is not catching a ‘good set’, she spends time volunteering with the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii.  She also uses social media to help motivate and encourage young girls to strive for great things while being comfortable and confident with who they are.


(credit: ESPN)

Coco definitely has a love of body art.  Already she has two tattoos.  Her first represents her strong faith.  It is a little cross on the top of her right hand.


(note: This is a mirror-image photo, which is why the tattoo looks like it is on her left hand)

Her other tattoo is just below her left ankle.  It is a script design that reads “Forever For Family”, obviously emphasizing how important family is to her.

Coco_Ho_Tat05Coco_Ho_Tat06Coco_Ho_Tat01Coco_Ho_Tat03Coco_Ho_Tat02You can find out more about Coco on her official website:  http://xococoho.com/

You can get your social media fix on these sites:

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/coco_ho

Instagram:  http://instagram.com/xococoho

Hottie Ink Update (Big Bang Theory Edition): Kaley Cuoco


(credit: Ryan Sweeting)

I have noticed a pattern when it comes to New Year’s Eve and Kaley Cuoco.  On December 31st, 2012, I published a “New 2 Tats” about Penny from “Big Bang Theory”.  December 31st, 2013 turns out to have provided the inspiration for the next feature for the ‘fan boy’ #1 star.


(Ryan’s tattoos)

On that day, Kaley married professional tennis player, Ryan Sweeting.  Born in the Bahamas, Sweeting came to the United States to play the ‘sport of kings’.  While he has achieved a Men’s Singles ranking as high as #64, his biggest ‘love match’ occurred off the court.  In the middle of 2013, he and Kaley began dating.  The decided to end 2013 (and kick off 2014) with a bang and get hitched.


(credit: Splash News)

Kaley and Ryan marked their union with body art.  On Ryan’s left arm and on Kaley’s back, they each go the Roman Numerals signifying their wedding date:  XII, XXXI, XIII (12th Month, 31st Day, the year ending in 13).

(credit:  splash news)

(credit: splash news)

In addition, Kaley seems to have added another piece of art.  In a recent Instagram post, in a bathing suit, she seems to be showing off a new tattoo on her left torso (although, I’m not able to tell what it is).

KaleyC_NewTat_03You can continued to follow Kaley on Twitter at:  https://twitter.com/KaleyCuoco

You can also follow her on Instagram at:  http://instagram.com/normancook (Yes, that is really her account name)

Athlete Tattoo of the Day (UFC 175 Edition): Alexis Davis

(credit:  Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC)

(credit: Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC)

If people wanted to (and I’m sure there are some who do), they could chide UFC president, Dana White’s, introduction of a women’s division as a ratings ploy and nothing more.  To do so would be woefully inaccurate.  For years, White resisted letting women fight in the top Mixed Martial Arts division for precisely that reason.  However, with growing success of female fighters like Ronda Rousey, Meisha Tate and Alexis Davis, he was able to add these fighters to the UFC roster in a way that had valid legitimacy, rather than looking like a stunt.

AlexisDavis_Pic07     One major achievement in the women’s division occurred in UFC 170, when Ronda Rousey’s title bout against Sara McMann was the headlining fight of the promotion.  Now, as we approach UFC 175, Alexis Davis is getting her shot at taking the title from Rousey (It should be noted that this will also be the 4th UFC appearance for each).


Alexis and her mother

Davis has been inspired to be a fighter from her earliest days.  As a child, Alexis was captivated by the elaborate martial arts athleticism of actors like Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Jean-Claude Van Damme.  It would come as no surprise that Alexis grappled on her high school wrestling team.  As a teen, she got involved in martial arts.  When she turned 18, she started training in Jujutsu and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


posing with fans

Once she was in her early 20’s, Davis started the process of climbing the rungs in the Mixed Martial Arts industry.  In 2007, she lost her debut fight in the UCW promotion to Sarah Kaufman (another fighter who would later appear in UFC).  These early years saw Alexis fight her way through a variety of different, lower-level promotions (like TKO, ECC, FFF and RW).  During this time, she racked up an impressive 9-4 record.

AlexisDavis_Pic04    2011 saw Alexis jump up to the next tier in the MMA world.  She began fighting in higher profile promotions like Strikeforce and Invicta.  At this level, Davis achieved a 4-1 record.  Alas, her lone defeat came at the hands, once again, of Sarah Kaufman (I predict Dana White will want to bring these two together in the Octagon for UFC at some point).  During this time, Mixed Martial Arts provided not only professional success, but personal fulfillment as well.  In 2012, she met Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach, Flavio Meier.  In the course of their training together, they fell in love and, a year later, got married in Meier’s native Rio De Janeiro.

AlexisDavis_Pic02    In early 2013, Davis became one of first group of women fighters to sign with UFC (Rousey being the first from the previous November).  Thus far, it has been nothing but success for Davis.  She grabbed unanimous decisions against Rosi Sexton and Liz Carmouche before taking a well-fought split decision win against Jessica Eye in UFC 170 (the same event that Rousey-McMann headlined).  While UFC 175 will have gone into the history books by the time most of you read this article, regardless of the winner, it is providing another great showcase for the compelling women’s division in UFC.

AlexisDavis_Pic01   Athletes, in general, and fighters, in particular, love getting body art.  Alexis Davis is no different.  She has a couple of very large, visually impressive tattoos on her body.  One is black-and-white unicorn design on her lower left torso.  The other is an elaborately colorful floral design running across her shoulders.


(credit:  Tom Szczerbowski/USA Today)

(credit: Tom Szczerbowski/USA Today)

AlexisDavis_Tat03AlexisDavis_Tat01You can find more about Alexis’ fighting profile here:  http://www.awakeningfighters.com/athletes/alexis-davis/

And, as always, you can find her on Twitter at:  https://twitter.com/AlexisDavisMMA