Hottie Ink Update (Big Bang Theory Edition): Kaley Cuoco


(credit: Ryan Sweeting)

I have noticed a pattern when it comes to New Year’s Eve and Kaley Cuoco.  On December 31st, 2012, I published a “New 2 Tats” about Penny from “Big Bang Theory”.  December 31st, 2013 turns out to have provided the inspiration for the next feature for the ‘fan boy’ #1 star.


(Ryan’s tattoos)

On that day, Kaley married professional tennis player, Ryan Sweeting.  Born in the Bahamas, Sweeting came to the United States to play the ‘sport of kings’.  While he has achieved a Men’s Singles ranking as high as #64, his biggest ‘love match’ occurred off the court.  In the middle of 2013, he and Kaley began dating.  The decided to end 2013 (and kick off 2014) with a bang and get hitched.


(credit: Splash News)

Kaley and Ryan marked their union with body art.  On Ryan’s left arm and on Kaley’s back, they each go the Roman Numerals signifying their wedding date:  XII, XXXI, XIII (12th Month, 31st Day, the year ending in 13).

(credit:  splash news)

(credit: splash news)

In addition, Kaley seems to have added another piece of art.  In a recent Instagram post, in a bathing suit, she seems to be showing off a new tattoo on her left torso (although, I’m not able to tell what it is).

KaleyC_NewTat_03You can continued to follow Kaley on Twitter at:

You can also follow her on Instagram at: (Yes, that is really her account name)


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