Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (Girl Code Edition): Carly Aquilino

CarlyAq_Pic07    Perhaps you have watched MTV lately and come across a show featuring a woman with bright red hair, an incredible half-sleeve tattoo, and an interesting view on the battle of the sexes.  That woman would be comedian Carly Aquilino and the show is “Girl Code”

CarlyAq_Pic03    MTV had originally run a comedy show called “Guy Code” that was play on the noted, but unwritten, ‘man laws’ regarding the code of conduct among guys (hilariously portrayed in a series of Miller Lite commercials several years earlier).  Of course, the success of “Guy Code” made it clear that a companion series for the ladies would be needed.  So, MTV rounded up a group top-notch female comedians and launched “Girl Code”.

CarlyAq_Pic04     Carly had been a stand-up comedian for about a year before “Girl Code” came along.  The native New Yorker made the bold step to grab the mic at the Gotham Comedy Club.  The rest, they say, is history.  It has been a bright red history among some of the more entertaining comedians around.

CarlyAq_Pic05    As you can see, Carly hasn’t always looked like Hayley Williams’ more devilish cousin.  She says the red hair happened when she worked as a shampoo girl at a local hair salon.  One day, she was messing around with the different hair colors and stumbled across the bright red hue.  She loved it and has gone with it ever since.  She was 18 when she discovered that style.  So, with it having been a part of who she was for so long, she didn’t realize how much of a distinctive trademark it was until people started noticing it, and positively commenting on it, because of “Girl Code”.

CarlyAq_Pic06     If you follow Carly on Twitter or Instagram (whose links will be posted below), you find she is naturally funny (in a great sarcastic manner).  You will usually find her hanging out with her partner-in-crime, and fellow “Girl Code” comedian, Jessimae Peluso, and behaving naughtily with another “Girl Code-r”, Nicole Byer.  While Carly met most of the comedians on “Girl Code”, she Jessimae were friends from the comedy circuit before then.

CarlyAq_Pic02     It’s still early in Carly’s career, but “Girl Code” has been picked up for a third season.  Her popularity on that show, and on the stand-up circuit, will keep her stature growing.

CarlyAq_Pic01     One thing that is quite clear about Carly is how much she loves tattoos.  Her most noticeable one is her very colorful, and exquisitely designed, half sleeve on her left arm.  In an interview with Inked Magazine, she described how it started out just as lotus flower and then grew into a much more profound design.  I love this tattoo, so quite of a few images of it are going to be shown below.


Carly posing with her fellow inked BFF, Jessimae Peluso



In this photo, Carly shows a series of star the run from her hip up her right side (she said she got her first tattoo, which read “La Vita e Bella” on her hip at age 14.  Her parents were actually pretty cool with it).  You can also see a little design of some kind just underneath her armpit.

CarlyAq_Tat07CarlyAq_Tat06     Proving that ink is a family passion, Carly’s most recent tattoo is a little wishbone along her left wrist, tattooed on by her brother, Michael.  Michael is an aspiring tattoo artist who has just opened his own studio.

CarlyAq_Tat10Carly has no official website, but you can follow her on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/carlyaquilino

and Instagram:  http://instagram.com/carlyaquilino


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