Celebrity Tattoo of the Day (“Dark Angel” Edition): Jessica Alba

JAlba_Pic03     It was only a matter of time before I got around to doing a tattoo feature on one of the sexiest ladies on Hollywood.  Known for an eclectic acting career on both television and silver screen, Jessica Alba has been a staple of celebrity magazines and websites (including being a regular on Maxim’s “Hot 100” list).  She has managed to all this while achieving the rare goal of leading a normal, low-key life.

JAlba_Pic02    Alba has been in front of the camera since she was barely in her teens.  Her first role was a bit part in the 1994 teen comedy, “Camp Nowhere”.  It had a who’s who of young talent, but the movie went ‘nowhere’.  Hardly dissuaded by that, Jessica quickly started building her resume on the small screen.  She had a guest role on a few episodes of Nickelodeon’s “The Secret World of Alex Mack” before getting her first lead role during the 4-season run of “Flipper” (a remake of the popular 1960’s series).

JAlba_Pic04    Around the time “Flipper” went off the air, Jessica got some guest roles on shows like “Beverly Hills 90210” and “Love Boat: The Next Wave” (one of a series of forgettable late 90’s attempts to launch sequels to popular series from the 70’s and 80’s).  1999 was the start of her mainstream rise.  She starred in two popular teen flicks:  “Never Been Kissed” (alongside Drew Barrymore) and horror-comedy flick “Idle Hands”.

JAlba_Pic06    From that point forward, Jessica’s star really shone bright.  In 2000, she starred in the James Cameron-produced cult hit, “Dark Angel”.  She played Max Guevara, a genetically-enhanced super-soldier trying to rebuild her family and survive in post-apocalyptic Seattle.  A strong first season could not sustain it through a mediocre second season, leading to its cancellation.  During this period, she dated (and was briefly engaged to) co-star Michael Weatherly (who now plays Anthony DiNozzo on “NCIS”), a relationship that ended in 2003.

JAlba_Pic07    Jessica’s next big move was playing the role of Sue Storm in the big-screen, big-budget “Fantastic Four” films (the original and “Rise of the Silver Surfer”).  While these films were box-office successes, their critical (and overall fan reception) was lukewarm.  This property is not controlled by Marvel, so it did not benefit from the superhero film rebirth courtesy of Marvel studios.  The same year “Fantastic Four” was released, 2005, also saw her score the role of Nancy Callahan in the iconic film “Sin City”, based on Frank Miller’s popular graphic novel.

JAlba_Pic01    After her run mid-decade, Alba’s career started slowing down.  She was in box-office failures like “Love Guru” (which has all but ended Mike Myers’ career) and “Little Fockers”, as well as under-the-radar, minor hits like “Machete” and the fourth “Spy Kids” movie.  She also had a role in the IFC parody of the epic 80’s soap opera mini-series, titled “The Spoils of Babylon”.  The slowdown in her career is not due to lack of box-office appeal.  It has more to do with her relishing her new role as mother to two daughters (with husband Cash Warren).  Of course, just this past month, she returned to the big screen for the “Sin City” sequel “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For”.

JAlba_Pic05    Jessica, like much of Young Hollywood, does have a liking of body art.  One of her more recognizable ones is a Sanskrit design on her right wrist.  It means lotus flower.


Jessica doing her awesome Bond Girl impersonation

JAlba_Tat02JAlba_Tat04JAlba_Tat06   Jessica also has a quirky little bow on her lower back, frequently visible when she’s bending over to attend to one of her girls.

JAlba_Tat01    Her final tattoo is on the back of her neck.  It is a ladybug design within a daisy.  She got that as part of a family bonding experience with her mother and aunt.  They each got a ladybug in a different place on their body.

JAlba_Tat05You can get more details on Jessica at this fan site:  http://jessicaalba.hollywood.com/

You can also follow her on Twitter at:  https://twitter.com/jessicaalba

She can be found on Instagram at:  http://instagram.com/jessicaalba


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