Hottie Ink Update (Independent Wine Lover Edition): Miriam Pultro

One of the things I have loved best about running this blog is when I get positive feedback from the person I featured.  It shows me that people do enjoy this blog and continues to affirm how much they genuinely like talking about body art.  One of favorite features was the one I wrote last year on independent actress, Miriam Pultro.

My love of the all-to-brief science fiction epic “Firefly” is what led me to learn about Miriam in the first place.  In 2010, a number of “Firefly” fans paid tribute to this awesome show by creating the fan film “Browncoats: Redemption”.  It raised $100,000 for charity and gave fans another taste of the ‘verse that Serenity flew in.  Miriam’s performance stood out, and her ink caught my attention, leading to the feature on her.


Miriam showing some of her ink, including her awesome Triskelion tattoo. (Photo credit: Tim Goodwin Photography:

Miriam had a very positive response to her tattoo feature, and even shared what was her newest tattoo at the time, the triskelion on her back.  Her love of ink is one fun aspect about Miriam.  Another is her passion for her craft and drive to succeed in acting.  One only needs to watch her award-winning web series, “Mythos” (catch it here:, to see her talent for writing, storytelling and characterization.  After the success of its first season, Miriam has already produced the show’s second season pilot.


It is futile to resist this Borg Queen at Halloween (Instagram:

Following Miriam on social media gives you an intimate look at an actress working hard towards that big break.  She candidly chronicles her disappointments along with her successes.  Recently, she scored a spot in the popular ‘Lily Adams’ AT&T commercial series.  She also recently starred in the family comedy/drama, “Homeward”.  In the meantime, you can also learn about her love of wine (which she sure loves 😀 ).  The big break is destined to come for Miriam.  When it does, I’m gonna be that guy that says “Hey, I knew about her way back when…”

1920's Miriam

1920’s Miriam (Instagram:

Of course, while I like talking about Miriam’s love of wine and her growing resume, this feature exists because she has added more body art to her wonderful collection.

In my original feature on Miriam, she had a cute constellation of stars along her upper hip.  Since then, she has added the phrase that appears to say “One Feeling Only at a Time” underneath (It is a quote from Peter Pan).

Miriam showing off her ink along with those hard-earned abs that she is rightfully proud of

Miriam showing off her ink along with those hard-earned abs that she is rightfully proud of (Instagram:

Most recently, Miriam got the Sun and a crescent Moon on her right shoulder.

You following Miriam on social media here:



You can also see more professional photography of Miriam (as well as other stunning photos) on photographer, Tim Goodwin’s site: